Wyoming District Courts

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Wyoming District Courts

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The Wyoming District Courts are trial courts of general jurisdiction in Wyoming. There is a District Court in each of the state's 23 counties.


"The district judges preside over felony criminal and civil cases as well as the juvenile and probate matters. They also hear appeals from lower court decisions. The jurisdiction of the district courts is unlimited except for small claims cases and misdemeanors, which go to the circuit courts. As a result, the work of the district courts includes the most serious cases and controversies in the state."[1]

The District Courts hear appeals from the Circuit Courts. Appeals of District Court decisions are heard by the Wyoming Supreme Court.

Judicial districts

There are nine judicial districts in Wyoming.

District Counties served
First District Laramie County
Second District Albany & Carbon
Third District Lincoln, Sweetwater & Uinta
Fourth District Johnson & Sheridan
Fifth District Big Horn, Hot Springs, Park & Washakie
Sixth District Campbell, Crook & Weston
Seventh District Natrona County
Eighth District Converse, Goshen, Niobrara & Platte
Ninth District Fremont, Sublette & Teton

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Judicial selection in Wyoming uses the commission process. District Court judges serve six-year terms. To qualify, an applicant must be admitted to the Wyoming State Bar and a qualified elector of the state.[1]

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