Wyoming health care debate resurfaces for 2012 ballot

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January 18, 2011

CHEYENNE, Wyoming: Proposals in response to the Affordable Healthcare Act are resurfacing in Wyoming. In early 2011, two proposed measures were filed in the Wyoming Legislature for consideration for the 2012 statewide ballot.

Senate Joint Resolution 2 proposes a constitutional amendment that specifies that no federal or state law could require participation in any health care system by any person, employer or health care provider. The bill was sponsored by Sen. Leslie Nutting and was filed in response to the federal Affordable Healthcare Act.[1]

A second proposal, Senate Joint Resolution 3 calls for an amendment that would recognize individual rights to make health care decisions and prohibit state actions to limit those decisions. Additionally, it would authorize the Wyoming Attorney General to participate in litigation to protect those rights, sue the federal government and have the federal Affordable Healthcare Act declared unconstitutional. The bill was sponsored by Sen. Charles Scott.[2]

Both proposals resemble a failed attempt in 2010. The proposed Wyoming Health Freedom Act was defeated in the Wyoming State Senate with a vote of 18 to 12, 2 votes shy of the required two-thirds majority.[3] The measure was sponsored by President of the Wyoming Senate, Senator John Hines, Senator Jim Anderson, Senator Eli Bebout, Senator Cale Case, Representative Tom Lubnau, and Representative Timothy Hallinan.[4]

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