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Judges in Wyoming stand in retention elections that occur during the November general election.

  • Judicial elections only take place in even-numbered years in the state.

Supreme Court District Court Circuit Court
Retention election - Eight-year terms Retention election - Six-year terms Retention election - Four-year terms


In retention elections, judges do not compete against another candidate, but voters are given a "yes" or "no" choice whether to keep the justice in office for another term. Candidates must win a majority of the vote for retention. If a candidate fails to file a declaration of candidacy before the deadline, or does not receive a majority of "yes" votes, a vacancy is created at the expiration of that term.[1]

Filing deadline

Justices and judges must file a declaration of candidacy in the window between six months before the general election and three months before the general election.[1]


Supreme court justices, district court, and circuit court judges do not pay a filing fee.[2]


Results can be found on the Wyoming Secretary of State website.


From 1890 to 1972, Wyoming supreme court justices and district court judges were elected by the people. The constitutional amendment in 1972 replaced the elections with the current system, wherein judges are nominated by a judicial nominating commission, appointed by the governor, and participate in retention elections after at least one year in office. This process was expanded to include circuit court judges in 1977.[3]



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