Wyoming petition deadline passes, no initiatives filed

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February 9, 2010

By Bailey Ludlam

CHEYENNE, Wyoming: The Wyoming petition deadline has officially passed; making it the fifth state to close its doors for the 2010 ballot. However, unlike other initiative and referendum states, Wyoming had absolutely no filed initiatives. This same trend can be seen throughout Wyoming's ballot history. Less than 10 initiated measures have appeared on the Wyoming ballot since voters first had access to the initiative process in 1968. Wyoming is now one of 22 states that allows initiated state statutes and one of 20 states that allows veto referendums.

The last time a ballot initiative or veto referendum was filed and approved for the statewide ballot was in 1996: Wyoming Term Limits Referendum (1996) and Wyoming Term Limits Initiative (1996). Both measures failed due to a lack of an absolute majority, which is required in the state of Wyoming in order to pass a constitutional amendment. Citizen initiatives were last approved by voters in 1992. Measures included banning triple trailers, setting term limits, and railroad regulation.

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