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Wyoming same-sex amendment inches towards the 2012 ballot

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January 26, 2011

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CHEYENNE, Wyoming: A proposal that would specify that only a marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in the state of Wyoming received a preliminary green light by the senate. Also known as Senate Joint Resolution 5 was voted on January 25, 2011 and resulted in a 21-7 approval. The same day the House adopted a bill to place similar language in state statutes.[1]

As of 2011, the state of Wyoming has a statutory ban but not a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. However, in order to appear on the statewide ballot the measure is required to receive a 2/3rds vote in both chambers of the Wyoming State Legislature.

An estimated eight marriage-related measures are currently being proposed for 2012 ballots in seven different states, including California, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Wyoming. Previously in 2009, two similar questions appeared in Washington and Maine.

Senate Joint Resolution 5 can be read here.

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