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Here is a list of major FOIA court decisions and their effect on the Wyoming Sunshine Law.
(The cases are listed alphabetically. To order them by year please click the icon below the Year heading)

" Year Precedent
Allsop v. Cheyenne Newspapers 2002 1.) This case held that the police investigation exemption should be narrowly construed to include only investigations leading to prosecution.
2.)This case affirmed the use of redaction as an effective tool for insuring the release of non-exempt material despite its commingling with exempted material.
3.) This case affirmed that exempt categories of records ran counter to the intention of the law.
Freudenthal v. Cheyenne Newspapers, Inc. 2010
Houghton v. Franscell 1994 This case narrowly construed hospital records to include only the day to day affairs of curing patients and not administrative documents.
Laramie River Conservation Council v. Dinger 1977 This case established that the exemption for inter-office memoranda found in Wyoming Sunshine Law § 9-692.3(b)(v) was to be narrowly construed so as to prevent the concealment of documents by merely calling them "memoranda."
Record-Times, Inc. v. Town of Wheatland 1982
Sheridan Newspapers v. City of Sheridan 1983 1.) This case eliminated the possibility of exempt categories of records and
2.) Required a case by case consideration for records denials based on exemption with the burden of proof resting upon the records custodian for any denied records request.
Sublette County Rural Healthcare District v. Miley 1997 Establish criteria for determining whether trade secrets are exempt based on the effect on the ability to gather information in the future and the potential affect on competition.
University of Wyoming v. Gressley 1999 This case established that the University of Wyoming is in fact an agency, subject to the Wyoming Sunshine Law and the Wyoming Public Meeting Law.
Williams v. Stafford 1979
Workers Compensation Claim of Decker v. State of Wyoming 2008 This case established that the definition of public body which includes bodies created by statute requires direct legislative enactment, not merely permissive legislation which leaves the creation of bodies at the discretion of an executive offices.[1]
Wyoming Department of Transportation v. International Union of Operating Engineers Local Union 800 1995 This case established that names and address did not automatically qualify as exempt personal records.
Wyoming Tribune Eagle v. Governor Dave Freudenthal 2010