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The Yes on 100 campaign is made up of education, business, public safety and health care groups that are in support of the Arizona Sales Tax Increase slated for the May 18, 2010 ballot. The group plans to campaign by exposing residents in the state who have been hit the hardest by the economic downturn.[1]

According to the website, they stated why they are supporting the measure by giving numbers behind their reasons. The group began by stating, "Today, Arizona’s state revenues have fallen to 2004 levels. In just those few years, the state has added":[2]

  • 150,000 additional K-12 students
  • 11,600 additional prisoners
  • 475,000 new AHCCCS enrollees

The group then argued:

"Absolutely, Arizona must do much more with much less. Gov. Jan Brewer believes it. Arizona’s Democrat and Republican leadership believes it. So do Arizonans from the worlds of small business and education, public safety and health care.But there comes a limit. And right up against that limit is where Arizona finds itself today."


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