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Yuma City Land Use Overturning Referendum (2010)

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There is a petition pending for a Yuma City Land Use Overturning Referendum in Yuma County.

The city council passed a land use amendment in early November that called for the creation of a new housing and shopping development called Estancia. The proposal plans to develop 3,700 acres in the southern part of Yuma which would include up to 20,000 homes and would accommodate up to 50,000 people. Opponents to the project state that the development would ruin those who live there and enjoy the rural type lifestyle and also the Marine Corp Air Station's mission. Although the Marine Corp came out saying that they were not opposed to the project, opponents still say that protecting their mission is one of their goals in opposing this proposal.[1]

As of December 18, the petition to overturn this referendum was turned into the city clerk for approval. The city clerk has until January 21 to approve all the signatures, if the petition passes that phase then the city council will either have to recall the referendum or put it up for a vote.[2]