Yuma Proposition 100, 2009

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The Yuma Proposition 100, also known as the Hospitality Tax, was on the May 19, 2009 ballot in Yuma County for voters in the City of Yuma. The ballot measure proposed renewing a 2 percent hospitality tax in the city of Yuma. The tax, according to the proposition would be renewed for 15 years.

The measure was approved.[1]

  • Yes: 5,844 (68.7%) Approveda
  • No: 2,664 (31.3%)

The tax would be imposed on hotels, restaurants and bars and is expected to raise approximately $4.5 million for 2009. In the past the revenue has been used to subsidize the Yuma Civic Center and help support Yuma Crossing projects. However, the ballot measure proposes amending the tax to include a minimum of $2.5 million to be used for citywide Parks and Recreation. Additionally, $600,000 would be used towards the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area and $400,000 would be geared towards promoting conventions and tourism.[2]