Zanzibar National Unity Government Referendum, 2010

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A Zanzibar National Unity Government Referendum was held on July 31, 2010 on the island of Zanzibar, which is off the coast of Tanzania.

This measure was approved with nearly 70 percent of votes in favor.

The referendum sought to create a constitutional amendment, it would allow for two vice presidents from the top two parties that are voted on in the parliamentary elections in the country. Nearly 400,000 people showed up to vote for the amendment and many saw it as a positive way to heal the countries rivalries.[1]

This referendum was the final process in a peace process that was begun in 2009. This vote was the end result of the two rival political parties trying to find a common ground and let people live in peace and not in fear of constant attack by rival parties. Zanzibar has one of the poorest economies in the region and a large portion of the population is unemployed. This along with unrest have led to constant violence on the island. It was hoped that this referendum would bring stability back to the island.[2]