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This page contains potential statewide ballot meausures that have been filed, are being reviewed or have begun circulation to obtain signatures for it to be placed on a 2010 primary or general election ballot.
See 2010 ballot measures for ballot measures that are already confirmed for a 2010 ballot.


Alabama 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Electronic Bingo Amendment Gambling Authorize fourteen gambling centers to operate electronic bingo in nine counties.
LRCA Health Care Amendment Health care Prohibit any person, employer, or provider from being compelled to be in any health care system.
LRCA Tuition Plan Amendment Education Would amend the Prepaid Affordable College Tuition plan.


Alaska 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Status
LRCA Dedicated Funds Amendment Transportation Allow for dedicated funds such as the Transportation Infrastructure Fund. introduced
Advisory Pipeline Funding Question Resources State money to fund gas pipeline and money be taken from permanent fund. introduced
LRCA Health Care Amendment Health care Prohibit national mandates on health care policy. introduced
LR Bond Package Question Bond issues Create a $380 million bond package to be used on various projects. introduced


Arizona 2010 ballot measures


Type Title Subject Description Status
CICA Secret Ballot Initiatve Elections Right to vote in elections by secret ballot. circulating
CICA Civil Partnerships Marriage Same-sex couples right to enter civil partnerships circulating
CICA Enforcement Initiative Admin. of gov't Mandatory Enforcement by the People circulating
CICA Centennial Committee Admin. of gov't. Eliminate discrimination in the state of Arizona. circulating
CICA Photo Enforcement Law Prohibit photo enforcement except within designated school crossing zones. circulating
CICA Prop 13 Arizona Tax reform Limit valuation increases to 2% per year circulating
CISS Ban Photo Radar Law Prohibits the issuance of traffic related citations for violations detected through photo radar. circulating
CISS Limit Photo Radar Admin of gov't Limit the use of photo radar systems circulating
CISS Medical Marijuana Marijuana Medical marijuana to be used on patients if approved circulating
CISS End Prohibition Marijuana Remove all felony penalties associated with the possession of marijuana circulating
CISS Violent Offenders Law Law Law shall deny the possibility of parole to persons convicted of a felony of a sexual or violent nature. circulating
CISS Medicaid Initiative Health care Would prohibit state from cutting 310,000 people from Arizona Health Care Cost Containment. circulating


Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Initiative Process Initiative rights Reduce signatures needed for initiative filed
LRCA Racino Amendment Gambling Allow racinos in Arizona filed
LRSS Sanctuary City Immigration Prohibit sanctuary cities from haboring illegal immigrants proposed
LRCA Voter-Mandated Spending Admin. of gov't. Repeal amendment limiting lawmakers to amend voter-mandated spending. Passed Appropriations
LRCA Legislative Pay Cuts Admin. of gov't Reduce lawmakers' pay in line with any pay cuts for other state employees. proposed
LRCA Revenue Amendment Elections Require that any local initiative or referendum has to provide a source of money. proposed
LRSS Speed Camera Proposal Admin. of gov't Saving speed camera program. proposed
LRCA Budget Amendment Admin. of gov't Mandate that a state budget be implemented by June 30 proposed
LRCA Cemetery Amendment Veterans' affairs Allow leasing of lands that would be used as cemeteries dedicated to veterans. proposed
LRCA Spending Amendments State budgets Temporarily alleviating spending mandates approved in past ballot measures. proposed
LRCA Refinance Debt Amendment State budget Would serve as alternative to tax hike, and refinance debt. proposed
LR Term Limit Question Term limits State legislature be limited to eight years in office. proposed
LRCA Public Funding Amendment Elections Disallow the use of public money to fund political campaigns proposed
LRCA Hunting Amendment Hunting Would give a constitutional protection to the right to hunt in Arizona proposed
LRCA Appropriation Amendment Admin. of gov't Allow lawmakers to appropriate all “non-custodial” federal funds granted. proposed


Arkansas 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Status
CICA Seven Casinos Initiative Gambling Allow Arkansas Hotels and Entertainment to own and operate seven casinos circulating
CICA Citizen Verification Amendment Immigration Those seeking benefits to fill out affidavit declaring legal status circulating
CICA Legislative Tax Abolishment Taxes Abolish all taxes levied by the legislature in Arkansas. circulating
CICA Immigration Amendment Immigration Would not allow illegal immigrants in the state from receiving benefits. circulating


California 2010 ballot propositions

Dozens of initiatives whose sponsors filed their measures with election officials in early 2010 did not qualify for the November 2, 2010 ballot but might still qualify for a statewide election in 2012.

This is because when a proposed initiative is given its official ballot title and summary, it is also given a 150-day window for collection of signatures. If initiative sponsors collect sufficient signatures within their 150-day window and turn them in too late to qualify for the November 2010 bllot, their initiative will go on the ballot in a future year.


Colorado 2010 ballot measures


Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Redirect Lottery Funds Measure Gambling Redirect lottery funds away from parks and recreation filed
LRCA Education Funds Amendment Education Amends constitution to give lawmakers authority to raise taxes to cover education expenses proposed
LRCA Payday Loans Amendment Business regulation Would limit the amount of interest that payday lenders can make off of loans Approved by House Committee

Filed initiatives

Type Title Subject Description Result
CICA Elections to Fill Vacancies Initiative Election reform Requires a vote by the people when filling vacant seats of elected officials reviewed 1/4/10
CICA Gay Marriage Amendment (5) Marriage Recognizes marriage as a union between any two consenting adults reviewed 1/11/10
CICA General Fund Appropriations Amendment State budgets Grants the General Assembly the power to appropriate all general funds petition approved
CICA General Assembly Reorganization (3) Admin of gov't Reorganize the State General Assembly hearing 3/2/10
CICA Plain Language Lawmaking Initiative Admin of gov't Laws, rules and regulations must be written in "plain language" title set
CISS Beer and Wine Sales Initiative (3) Alcohol Allow beer and wine sales in grocery stores reviewed 12/1/09
CICA Gun Rights Protection Initiative (3) Firearms Protects rights of individual citizens to keep and bear arms official title set
CISS Immigration Status Check Measure (2) Immigration Require businesses to check the immigration status of all newly hired workers reviewed 12/16/09
CICA Global Day Without Violence Initiative (2) Admin of gov't Establishes a global day without violence every year on January 1 reviewed 1/11/10
CICA New Housing Water Use Environment Limitation on water available for new residential housing growth pending review
CICA Campaign Finance Amendment (3) Election reform Allows for public funds for state citizens to run for state wide or legislative offices pending review
CICA Medical Marijuana Regulation Initiative Marijuana Allow the people to vote directly on medical marijuana regulations filed
CICA Sale of Marijuana in a Regulated Market Initiative Marijuana Allow Coloradans 21 and older to use marijuana; create regulated market pending review
CICA Health Care Amendment (2) Health care Protect the individual’s right to make health care decisions title set
CISS States Rights Initiative(2) Admin of gov’t Re-estbalish the state’s rights under the U.S. Constitution pending review 3/12/10
CICA Religious Freedom Amendment Religion Prohibits gov't from burdening person or organization from religious liberty pending review
CISS Juvenile Tried as Adults Initiative (2) Law enforcement Juveniles Tried as Adults and Eligibility For Community Corrections pending review 4/6/10
CISS Renewable Energy Exemption Initiative (3) Utility regulation Allows customers to opt out of getting their power from renewable sources pending review
Impeachment of US Supreme Court Justice John Roberts pending review 4/8/10
Impeachment of US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Jr. pending review 4/8/10
CISS Deferred Loan Interest Rates (3) pending review 4/8/10
CICA Private Property Water Access Amendment (20) Environment Limits the use of rivers or targets rafters with liability provisions pending review
CICA Use of Streams Amendment (4) Environment Affirms the "right to float" down Colorado rivers pending review
CICA Container Fee for Water Preservation Amendment Container fee to fund water preservation and protection pending review 4/9/10
CISS Criminal Defendant Bail Initiative Law enforcement Amends the criteria for setting bail and type of bond pending review 4/9/10
CICA Rent Control Amendment (2) Unconstitutional for the state, county to control rents on private property pending review 4/9/10
CISS Private Property Energy Requirements Initiative (2) Utility regulation Prevents gov't imposed energy efficient building requirements on private property pending review 4/9/10
CISS Renewable Energy in Retail Sales Initiative (2) Utility regulation pending review 4/9/10


Florida 2010 ballot measures


Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Secret Ballot Amendment Labor Guarantees workers in Florida the secret ballot
LRCA Health Care Freedom Act Health care Prohibit rules against participation in specific health care
LRCA Taxing Boards Amendment Taxes Requires election of members of governing boards that have the authority to adopt millage rates
LRCA Homestead Exemption Bonus Amendment Admin of gov't In addition to standard exemption, bonus exemption of 25% of home's value
LRCA Property Assessed Value Amendment Taxes Prohibits increases in the assessed value of property if the fair market value of the property decreases
LRCA Religious Organization Public Funding Ban Repeal Religion Overturns the ban on publicly funding religious organizations
LRCA Uniform Accounting Amendment Admin of gov't Requires a uniform accounting for state and local government funds

Signatures submitted

Type Title Subject Description Result
CICA Judicial Accountability Initiative Judicial reform Amend the Constitution to ensure judicial accountability 160 currently valid
CICA Smarter Growth Land Use Initiative Property rights Requires voter approval for local land-use plans only if 10 percent of local voters sign a petition 443,510 currently valid
CICA Medical Marijuana Initiative Marijuana Gives patients the right to grow, purchase, possess and obtain marijuana for medical treatment 3,046 currently valid
CICA Ad Valorem Tax Revenue Amendment Taxes Referendum approval required for tax revenue increases above 3 percent 3 currently valid
CICA Anti-Stem Cell Research Initiative Stem cells Bans state spending on research that involves the destruction of a live human embryo 19,403 currently valid
CICA Same Service, Same Fee Initiative Health care Requires a physician to charge the same fee for the same health care service 44,193 currently valid
CICA Instant Runoff Initiative Elections Requires general elections to be determined by a majority of votes cast using the Instant Runoff Voting method 11 currently valid
CICA Single Payer Health Care Initiative (3) Health care Establishing a single payer health care system 1,023 currently valid


Georgia 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Cabinet Form of Government Amendment Admin of gov't Create a cabinet form of government - governor would appoint the heads of several state departments proposed
LRCA Health Care Freedom Act Health care Protect the individual’s right to make health care decisions Pending in House


Hawaii 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Board of Education Amendment Education Replaces the elected state board of education with a board appointed by the governor approved by House committee
LRCA Tax Rebates Amendment Taxes Gov't would be required to offer tax rebates during state surplus approved by House


Idaho 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Status
CISS Bible Study Initiative Education Allows school boards to permit the bible to be studied circulating
LRCA State Lands Amendments Environment Allow land managers to sell larger tracts and sell lands besides auction. introduced
LRCA Session Limit Amendment Admin. of gov't. Limit the legislative sessions to 90 days. introduced
LRCA Bail Amendment Admin. of gov't. Make it difficult for career offenders to be allowed bail. introduced


Illinois 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
CICA Legislature Reform Amendment Admin of gov't Creates a unicameral legislature, amends term limits and regulations
LRCA Abolish Lieutenant Governor Amendment Admin of gov't Abolishes the lieutenant governor's office
LRCA Abolish Comptroller Amendment Admin of gov't Abolishes the state comptroller's office
LRCA/CICA District Boundaries Amendment Admin of gov't Removes the legislature's power to draw the boundary lines
LRCA Judicial Eligibility Amendment Judicial reform Amends qualification standards for judges


Type Title Subject Description Status
LRCA Personhood Amendment Abortion State to recognize human eggs as persons deserving legal protection. introduced


Kansas 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Status
LRCA Health Care Amendment Health care Exempt residents of Kansas from potential national health care mandates introduced
LRCA Rainy Day Fund Amendment Admin. of gov't Require the state to put money in "rainy day" fund when tax revenues increase introduced
LRCA Expenditure Limitation Act Administration of government Limits government spending increases for consumer prices introduced
LRCA Personhood Amendment Abortion Right to personhood from the biological beginning of human development Initiated
LRCA Voting Amendment Elections Eliminate mental illness as a voting disqualification. introduced


Kentucky 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Status
LRCA Slot Machine Amendment Gambling Allow slot machines at horse tracks may be introduced
LRCA Dueling Amendment Admin. of gov't Remove swear-in language swearing never to have participated in a duel. introduced


Louisiana 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Prostitution Amendment Law enforcement Prostitution shall be suppressed by the legislature, no law to legalize it proposed


Massachusetts 2010 ballot measures

November 2:

Type Title Subject Description Result
IndISS Question 1 Taxes Sales tax eliminated for alcohol sales in the state Approveda
IndISS Question 2 Housing Repeal a housing law Defeatedd
IndISS Question 3 Taxes Roll 6.25% sales tax back to 3% Defeatedd


Maine 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRSS Jobs Bond Issue Bond issues $99 million bond for highways, rails and other projects proposed
LRSS Transportation Bond Issue Bond issues $85 million bond to fund transportation projects across the state proposed


Maryland 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Status
LRCA Health Care Amendment Health care Prohibit laws that interfere with health care plan choices for medical care. introduced


Michigan 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
CISS Mining Restriction Measure Environment Implement tougher laws on mining in order to protect the Great Lakes as well as local inland lakes, rivers and the overall environment from contamination
CISS Insurance Rate Reduction Initiative Admin of gov't Measure proposes cutting insurance premiums for good drivers by 20 percent
CICA Casino License Amendment Gambling Amendment to allow the Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue Board to issue state casino licenses to up to eight new casinos
CICA Casino Expansion Amendment Gambling authorize casinos in Benton Harbor, Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Muskegon and Romulus
CICA Health Care Amendment Health care Exempt residents of Michigan from national health care mandates
LRCA Budget Approval Deadline Amendment Admin of gov't Would dock the pay of each lawmaker for every day beyond the deadline that the budget is not passed
LRCA Term Limits Amendment Term limits Expands the number of years lawmakers can serve
LRCA Sales Tax Amendment Taxes Decrease sales tax and extend tax to other services


Minnesota 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Casino Revenues for Vikings Stadium Amendment Gambling Allow a casino in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area filed
LRCA Medical Marijuana Amendment Marijuana Permit the legal sale of marijuana for some medical purposes filed
LRCA Health Care Freedom Act Health care Protect the individual’s right to make health care decisions filed
LRCA Judicial Appointment Amendment Judicial reform Creation of a selection panel that would recommend candidates to the governor for judicial appointment filed
LRCA Special Legislative Session Amendment Admin of gov't Empower legislators to declare a special legislative session without the governor's permission filed


Missouri 2010 ballot measures


Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Initiative Petition Amendment Election reform Requires at least 1,000 registered voters to support a ballot initiative
LRCA Religious Liberty Amendment Religion Further defines religious rights
LRCA Health Care Freedom Amendment Health care Would block a government mandate to buy health insurance
LRCA Fair Tax Measure Taxes Would eliminate income tax and replace it with a fair sales tax of 5.11% on retail sales and taxable services
LRCA Initiative Signature Requirement Amendment Election reform Increases the required number of signatures for proposed constitutional amendments to appear on the ballot
LRCA State Sovereignty Amendment Admin of gov't Asserts the state's sovereignty and rejects various federal policies

Filed initiatives

Type Title Subject Description
CICA Eminent Domain (4) Eminent domain Four different measures to reform eminent domain practices
CICA Term Limits Term limits Impose term limits on offices of lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general and state auditor
CICA Donations Income Tax Credit Initiative Taxes Provide a 50% tax credit for donations made to incorporated and operated charitable and educational organizations
CICA Save Our Secret Ballot Labor Protects the right to secret ballots in federal, state, and union representation elections
CICA Tax Increase Voter Approval Taxes Require voter approval to increase state income taxes
CICA Real Estate Taxation Amendment (3) Taxes Prohibit taxes for the sale/transfer of homes or any other real estate
CICA State Health Care Initiative (2) Health care Prohibit state regulated health carriers offering health services from providing monetary advantages, etc.
CICA Judicial Selection (2) Judicial reform Allow the governor to select judges for the Missouri Supreme Court
CICA Personhood Amendment Abortion Recognizes the personhood of the unborn from the earliest stages of life
CISS Earnings Tax Amendment (5) Taxes Amendments to the cities currently using earnings taxes
CISS Dog Breeding Initiative (2) Animal rights Adopt new rules for dog-breeders in the state
CISS Municipal Police Force Retirement (3) Law enforcement Allow for local ordinances to establish local control of police retirement benefits
CICA Ban Affirmative Action Affirmative action Prohibits government from race- and gender-based admissions and hiring


Montana 2010 ballot measures


Type Title Subject Description Status
CICA Life Begins at Conception Initiative Abortion Define life as beginning at conception Circulating
CISS Commercial Trapping Amendment Animal rights Prohibit commercial trapping of animals on public lands Circulating
CICA Trust Fund Amendment Admin. of gov't Establish and fund the Older Montanans Trust Fund Circulating
CISS Hunter Access Funding Initiative Environment Change how hunter access programs are funded. Circulating
CISS Eminent Domain Reform Amendment Eminent domain Reform laws in Montana governing eminent domain Circulating
CICA New Property Tax Elimination Amendment Property tax Prohibit any new tax on the sale or transfer of real property. Being reviewed
CICA Juries Right to Judge Amendment Admin. of gov't Give juries the right to judge law Circulating
CICA Citizen Grand Juries Amendment Admin. of gov't Allows citizens to convene grand juries Being reviewed
CICA Drug Treatment Proposal Alcohol Revenue from alcohol sales taxes to fund alcohol treatment programs Circulating


Type Title Subject Description Status
CICA Irrigation Ditches Amendment Environment Irrigation ditches being distinct from natural waterways Being reviewed
CICA Boundary Amendment Admin. of gov't Would reinstate boundaries from Montana's original constitution Introduced
CISS Interest Rate Limit Admin. of gov't Cap yearly interest rates of payday and title loans at 36 percent. Being reviewed


Nebraska 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Status
CISS Nebraska City/Village Annexation Initiative, 2010 Admin of gov't No annexation of a city or village without a majority vote of citizens circulating
CISS Nebraska Detachment Initiative, 2010 Admin of gov't Election for detachment of annexed city/village circulating
CICA Recall Amendment Admin of gov't Allows the recall of any elected official. circulating
LR Nebraska County Consolidation Proposal (2010) Admin of gov't Would consolidate counties in the state of Nebraska. may be introduced
LRCA Treasurer Amendment Admin of gov't Whether or not to abolish the position of the state treasurer. introduced


Nevada 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
CICA Hemp for Biomass Marijuana Allow the Desert Research Institute to research hemp, a derivative of the cannabis plant, as a source of biomass for energy
CICA Mining Tax Measure Taxes Removes the statutory deductions for mining companies provided by state law
CICA Secret Ballot Amendment Labor Protects the right to secret ballots in union representation elections
CICA Employee Paychecks Initiative Labor Prohibit employer use of employee paychecks for political activities without consent
CICA Public Office and Issues Secret Ballot Amendment Elections Protects the right to secret ballots for public office and on public issues
CICA Voter Identification Amendment Elections Requires voters to present a government-issued photo identification card at the polls

New Hampshire

New Hampshire 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Veto Amendment Admin. of gov't Citizens could veto any laws by implementing a limited citizens' referendum process. proposed

New Jersey

New Jersey 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Status
LRCA Sports Betting Amendment Gambling Allow sports betting the state of New Jersey. Introduced
LRCA Pension Fund Amendment Admin. of gov't Mandate that the state make annual payments to the pension fund. Introduced

New Mexico

New Mexico 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Health Care Freedom Act Health care Bar any regulations that force residents to participate in a health-care system. introduced
LRCA Term Limit Increase Admin. of gov't Allow officials in state counties to run for three consecutive terms introduced

New York

New York 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Status
LRCA Casino Amendment Gambling Legalize casino gaming in the state introduced

North Carolina

North Carolina 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Status
LRCA Sheriff Election Amendment Elections and campaigns Prohibit convicted felons from running for sheriff in the state. introduced

North Dakota

North Dakota 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Result
CISS Fenced Hunting Ban Initiative Hunting Bans fenced hunting such as game preserves where people pay to shoot big-game animals filed
CISS Pharmacy Ownership Repeal Health care Repeals the provision that requires pharmacies to be majority-owned by pharmacists filed
CISS Alcohol Tax Increase Initiative Alcohol Taxes on beer, wine and liquor filed
CISS Read Bills Before Vote Initiative Admin of gov't Requires lawmakers to swear they've read a bill before they vote to approve it filed
CICA Term Limits Amendment Term limits Would limit legislators and executive branch office holders to two terms filed
CICA Property Tax Amendment Taxes Eliminates property taxes as a source of state revenue filed


Ohio 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Casino Revenue and Commission Amendment Gambling Increase the state's share of casino revenues and amend Ohio Lottery Commission authority proposed
LRCA Cities Casino Amendment Gambling Allow cities to opt out of the casino plan proposed
CICA Livestock Care Initiative Animal rights Requires that the Livestock Care Standards Board adopt certain minimum standards filed 1/27/10
CISS Estate Tax Repeal Taxes Proposes eliminating Ohio's estate tax AG certified 9/11/09
CISS Dog Auctions Initiative (2) Animal rights Would prohibit bringing into the state, for purposes of sale/trade, a dog acquired through auction AG certified 10/2/09
CICA Health Care Amendment Health care Exempt residents of Ohio from national health care mandates AG certified 4/1/10


Oklahoma 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Parole Board Question Admin. of gov't Merge the Pardon and Parole Board with the Corrections Department introduced
LRCA Running-Mate Proposal Admin. of gov't Allow the governor and the lieutenant governor to run on the same ticket as a team. introduced
LRCA Health Care Amendment Health care Allow residents to opt out of any federal health care mandates. introduced


Oregon 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Result
CISS Chiropractic Practice Requirements Health care Establishes minimum educational level, as well as other requirements filed
CICA Corporate Income Tax Amendment Taxes Eliminates requirement that corporate income exceed tax refund filed
CISS Ballot Act Elections Requires election ballots to list the party that nominated a candidate filed
CICA Campaign Finance Amendment (7) Campaign finance Alters Oregon's free-expression provision to permit limits on campaign contributions filed
CISS Minimum Criminal Sentence Increase Law enforcement Requires an increased minimum sentence for some sex crimes and repeat DUIs filed
CISS Crime Protection Act Law enforcement Bars sex offenders from elected office and amends police officer program/authority filed
CICA Property Tax Voter Turnout Requirement (2) Taxes To pass property tax measures requires 60% voter turnout at elections, except the general election filed
CICA Property Taxes General Election (2) Taxes Measures increasing ad valorem property taxes $1 million - only at gen. election filed
CISS Jury Instruction Amendment Judicial reform Requires the court to instruct jury not to follow law if verdict is "unjust" filed
CISS Assessed Value Appeal Measure Taxes Requires assessment at lowest ratio between assessed value & real market value filed
CISS Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption Taxes Establishes property tax exemption for senior citizen's primary residence filed
CISS Election Ballot Candidate Information Initiative Elections Prohibits an incumbent candidate from being identified as an incumbent on the ballot filed
CISS Campaign Anti Bribery Initiative Campaign finance Some campaign contributions/expenditures can constitute filed
CISS Land Use Amendment Admin of gov't Creates an entitlement to build residences filed
CISS Union Representation Fees Initiative Labor Relieves non-union members of representation costs filed
CISS Bear and Cougar Hunting Initiative (2) Hunting Allows hunting of bears/cougars with dogs filed
CICA Regulated Medical Marijuana Supply System Act Marijuana State to license marijuana farmers who can distribute crop to medical marijuana dispensaries filed
CICA Marijuana Possession Amendment Marijuana Persons 21 years and older may privately consume, possess, cultivate cannabis filed
CICA Personhood Amendment Abortion Recognizes the personhood of the unborn from the earliest stages of life filed
CISS Intoxicating Substances Act (2) Marijuana Replaces with subsidized synthetic cannabinoids prescription program filed
CISS No Public Resources To Collect Political Funds Campaigns Prohibits individuals/entities from using "public resource" to collect funds filed
CISS Secret Ballot Initiative (3) Labor Right to vote in elections by secret ballot filed
CICA Property Tax Measure Approval Taxes Requires 35% registered voter approval for property tax measures filed
CICA Ballot Title Requirement Initiative Elections Requires accurate, neutral ballot titles filed
CISS Forest Practices Amendment Environment Amends Forest Practices Act - new requirements, restrictions, etc. filed
CICA Petition Signature Verification Initiative Elections Provides voters the right to request signature verification filed
CISS Trespasser Liability Initiative (3) Law enforcement Allows defensive use of deadly force against trespassers; eliminates liability filed
CISS Voter Privacy Initiative (3) Elections Keeps voter information private until after the election filed
CICA Ballot Text Amendment (2) Elections Requires,in certain circumstances, text of entire measure to be printed on the ballot filed
CISS Public Employees Retirement System Initiative Admin of gov't Prohibits legislators from accruing, receiving PERS benefits for legislative service filed
CISS Right to Trial Initiative Judicial reform Grants defendant right to circuit court trial in "major civil enforcement action" filed
CICA Independent Redistricting Commission Amendment Admin of gov't Repeals current legislative redistricting process and establishes a new process filed
CISS Voter Registration Requirements Amendment Elections Requires first-time voter applicants to provide evidence of U.S. citizenship filed
CISS Sentencing Reform Initiative (2) Law enforcement Increases incarceration for some felons and expands consecutive sentencing authority filed
CISS Judicial Accountability Initiative Judicial reform Courts must report info concerning felony sentences imposed by each judge filed
CISS Law Enforcement Cooperation Act (2) Law enforcement Prohibits laws restricting state & local gov't cooperation with federal enforcement of immigration law filed
CISS State Incarceration Fiscal Obligations Initiative Law enforcement Increases state's existing fiscal obligations - shifts costs from counties to state filed
CISS Minimum Prison Term for Repeat Offenders Law enforcement Mandates minimum prison terms for certain repeat offenders filed
CISS Sensible Sentencing Act Law enforcement Lets courts impose any sentence within legal range filed
CICA Motor Vehicle Tax Amendment (2) Taxes Requires voter approval of taxes and fees on motor vehicle use and motor vehicle fuel filed
CISS General Fund Revenues for State Courts Admin of gov't Dedicates 3% of general fund revenues each biennium to state court operations filed
CISS Put Repeat Criminals Behind Bars Act Law enforcement Mandates minimum prison terms for repeat offenders; requires addiction treatment filed
CISS Disabled Person Initiative Admin of gov't Would allow family members to sit with disabled persons at public events filed
CICA Lottery Funds for Natural Resources Amendment Environment Renews dedication of 15% of lottery proceeds to parks and natural resources filed
CISS Marijuana Tolerance Initiative (3) Marijuana Permits personal marijuana use, cultivation without a license filed
CICA Job Growth Education And Communities Fund Act (3) Gambling Creates exception to casino ban, must allow one private casino filed
CICA Health Care Amendment Health care Protect the individual’s right to make health care decisions filed
CICA Real Estate Fees Amendment Business regulation Prohibits imposition of real estate transfer taxes, fees, assessments, except those operative by certain date filed
CISS Gillnet Fishing Ban Animals Ban gillnets and replace with fish traps and fish wheels effort renewed
LRCA Effective and Affordable Health Care Amendment Health care Ensure that every legal resident has access to effective and affordable health care filed
CISS Vaccine Initiative Health care Increased research of unvaccinated children and aluminum; changes to the current vaccine disclosure and informed consent laws proposed
- Arts Funding Initiative Admin of gov't taxpayer-supported arts funding proposed/not filed


Pennsylvania 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Status
LRCA Constitutional Convention Admin. of gov't Calling for Constitutional Convention Proposed

Rhode Island

Rhode Island 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Ethics Law Change Admin. of gov't Change ethics law to cease partial immunity of state legislature introduced
LRCA Casino Gambling Amendment Gambling Would allow the operation of casino gambling in the state. introduced

South Carolina

South Carolina 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Ballot Amendment Admin of gov't Permit the enactment of laws and constitutional amendments by initiative petition
LRCA Recall Amendment Admin of gov't Authority to recall elected officials
LRCA Elect vs. Appoint Amendments Admin of gov't Give the next governor the authority to appoint the secretary of state and superintendent of education.
LRCA Health Care Amendments Health care Allow opting out of federal health care mandates.

South Dakota

South Dakota 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Result
CISS Embryonic Stem Cell Research Measure Stem cells Eases restrictions on stem cell research proposed
CISS Energy Turbine Restrictions Initiative Natural resources Place certain restrictions on the location of wind energy turbines proposed
CISS Health Care Amendment Health care Would nullify certain Federal health care laws within the state circulating


Utah 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
CISS Income Tax Increase Taxes Increase personal income tax payments by $394 million
CISS Redistricting Commission Re-districting Change way state legislative district boundaries are drawn
CISS Prohibition of Personal Use of Campaigns Funds Elections and campaigns Prohibits personal use of campaign funds by office holders and candidates
CISS Campaign Limitations Initiative Elections and campaigns Enacts limits on campaign donations for all candidates
LRCA Independent Ethics Commission Amendment Admin of gov't Establishes Utah's first independent ethics commission


Washington 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Build America Bonds Amendment Bond issues expand state use of federally subsidized Build America Bonds proposed
LRSS Public Works Bond Measure Bond issues $850 million bond to create new jobs in public school and government building renovations proposed
LRCA Income Tax Measure Taxes Income tax at 4.5% of income over $200,000; reduce sales tax proposed
ITP Save the Two-Thirds Vote for Tax Increases, Initiative 1055 (4) Taxes Will require 2/3 majority of the Washington State Legislature, or a statewide vote, for tax increases filed 1/4/10
ITP U.S. Legal Presence, Initiative 1056 Immigration Require verifying immigration status of persons seeking employment, driver's licenses, etc. filed 1/8/10
ITP State Budget Amendment, Initiative 1057 (2) State budgets Establishes a ceiling on state income and debt, voter approval required for changes filed 1/4/10
ITP Teaching of the Constitution Requirement, Initiative 1058 Education Requires the teaching of the relationship of the Declaration of Independence & Constitution filed 1/19/10
ITP Protection Act, Initiative 1059 Law enforcement Adds a statute that allows the right of self-defense filed 1/14/10
ITP Sovereignty and Federal Tax Escrow Account Act, Initiative 1060 Admin of gov't Create a federal tax escrow account filed 1/14/10
ITP Law Enforcement Amendment, Initiative 1061 Law enforcement Would authorize sheriffs to prohibit federal employees from making arrests, searches or seizures filed 1/14/10
ITP Firearms Freedom Act, Initiative 1062 Firearms Personal firearms within the state are not subject to federal regulation filed 1/14/10
ITP Health Care Freedom Act (2) Health care Prohibit rules against participation in specific health care filed 1/14/10
ITP Constitutional Government Act, Initiative 1064 Admin of gov't Legislation must identify the Constitutional power that allows for enactment of the proposed legislation filed 1/14/10
ITP Nontoxic Greenhouse Gas Regulation, Initiative 1065 Environment Prevents the regulation of nontoxic greenhouse gas emissions filed 1/14/10
ITP Workers' Comp Insurance Reform, Initiative 1067 Labor Aimed at privatizing industrial insurance filed 1/20/10
ITP Legalize Marijuana, Initiative 1068 Marijuana Make it legal for adults to grow, possess and sell marijuana filed 1/11/10
ITP Change the State Seal, Initiative 1069 Admin of gov't Requires that the Seal of the State of Washington be changed filed 2/1/10
ITP Tax Amendment, Initiative 1070 (3) Taxes Establish a tax on certain income, reduce state property tax levy, increase business tax credit filed 1/29/10
ITP Minimum Drinking Age, Initiative 1072 Alcohol Lowers the drinking age in the state to 19 from 21 filed 2/10/10
ITP Candidate Filing, Initiative 1075 Elections Concerns election candidate filing fees filed 2/23/10

West Virginia

West Virginia 2010 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Marriage Amendment Marriage Calls for protecting traditional marriage under consideration