Marin County, California ballot measures

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Location of Marin County


November 2, 2010

See also: November 2, 2010 election in California

June 8, 2010

See also: June 8, 2010 election in California

Approveda Marin County Free Library parcel tax, Measure A (June 2010)
Approveda San Anselmo Library parcel tax, Measure B (June 2010)
Approveda San Rafael Library parcel tax, Measure C (June 2010)
Defeatedd Santa Venetia Flood Control District 7 parcel tax, Measure D (June 2010)
Approveda Muir Beach Community Service District parcel tax, Measure E (June 2010)
Defeatedd Management of the Novato Sanitary District, Measure F (June 2010)

November 3, 2009

See also: November 3, 2009 ballot measures in California

Approveda Lagunitas Elementary School parcel tax, Measure A (November 2009)
Approveda Larkspur Schools parcel tax, Measure B (November 2009)
Approveda Mill Valley school bonds, Measure C (November 2009)
Approveda Shoreline Unifed Schools, Measure D school bonds (November 2009)
Approveda San Anselmo Floor Area Ratio Ordinance, Measure E (November 2009)
Defeatedd San Anselmo Hotel Tax, Measure F (November 2009)
Approveda San Rafael City Bonds, Measure G (November 2009)
Approveda Bolinas Beach No Camping Advisory Vote, Measure H (November 2009)
Approveda Fairfax Business Tax Renewal, Measure I (November 2009)

August 25, 2009

See also: August 25, 2009 ballot measures in California

Approveda Homestead Valley county service area parcel tax, Measure A, August 2009

June 2, 2009

See also: June 2, 2009 ballot measures in California

Approveda Novato Unified School District parcel tax, June 2009[1]

March 3, 2009

See also: March 3, 2009 ballot measures in California.

Approveda Bolinas-Stinson School District parcel tax, Measure A, March 2009

November 4, 2008

See also: November 4, 2008 ballot measures in California.

Approveda Sonoma-Marin Rail Sales Tax, Measure Q, 2008
Approveda Marin County Measure B (2008). Appointed director of finance at county level.
Approveda Mill Valley School District parcel tax election (2008)
Approveda Fairfax Recyclable Paper, 2008
Defeatedd Fairfax Town Clerk, 2008
Approveda Twin Cities 911 bond, 2008
Approveda Marinwood fire protection tax, 2008
Approveda Marinwood park maintenance tax, 2008

June 3, 2008

See also: June 3, 2008 ballot measures in California.

Approveda Belvedere Measure C (June 2008)
Approveda Mesa Park District Measure E (June 2008)
Approveda Nicasio School District Measure B (June 2008)
Approveda Ross Measure D (June 2008)
Approveda Ross School District Measure A (June 2008)

February 5, 2008

See also: February 5, 2008 ballot measures in California.

Approveda Kentfield School District parcel tax, Measure A, February 2008
Approveda Muir Beach Community Services District, Measure B, February 2008
Approveda Stinson Beach County Water District appropriations limit, Measure C, February 2008

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