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San Francisco City and County, California ballot measures

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Location of San Francisco County
Ballot measure elections in the City and County of San Francisco are conducted by the City and County of San Francisco Department of Elections, which is under the supervision of the San Francisco Elections Commission.

San Francisco adopted the process of initiative & referendum in 1898, more than a decade before California as a whole authorized the use of initiative & referendum.[1]

John Arntz is the director of the Elections Department. He wants San Francisco's election code amended to eliminate the requirement that the full legal text of ballot measures be published in the Voter Information Guides that the city makes available to voters in advance of elections. Voters could instead look up the details online, according to the Arntz plan.[2]

Pending or possible

List of ballot measures

June 8, 2010

See also: June 8, 2010 ballot measures in California

November 3, 2009

See also: November 3, 2009 ballot measures in California

Approveda San Francisco Budget Reform Charter Amendment, Measure A, 2009
Approveda San Francisco Aides for the Board of Supervisors, Measure B (November 2009)
Approveda San Francisco Candlestick Park Naming Rights Amendment, Measure C, 2009
Defeatedd San Francisco Mid-Market Arts Revitalization Sign District, Measure D, 2009
Approveda San Francisco No Advertising on City Property, Measure E, 2009

Under discussion

November 4, 2008

See also: November 4, 2008 ballot measures in California

Approveda San Francisco Hospital Bonds, Proposition A, 2008
Defeatedd San Francisco Housing Fund, Proposition B, 2008
Defeatedd San Francisco No Staff on Boards, Proposition C, 2008
Approveda San Francisco Pier 70 financing, Proposition D, 2008
Approveda San Francisco Signatures for Recall, Proposition E, 2008
Defeatedd San Francisco City Elections in Even-Numbered Years, Proposition F, 2008
Approveda San Francisco Retirement System Credit for Unpaid Parental Leave, Proposition G, 2008
Defeatedd San Francisco Clean Energy Act, Proposition H, 2008
Defeatedd San Francisco Rate-Payer Advocate, Proposition I, 2008
Approveda San Francisco Historic Preservation Commission, Proposition J, 2008
Defeatedd San Francisco decriminalize prostitution, Measure K (2008)
Defeatedd San Francisco Community Justice Center, Proposition L, 2008
Approveda San Francisco Anti-Harrassment of Tenants Act, Proposition M, 2008
Approveda San Francisco Real Estate Transfer Tax Rates, Proposition N, 2008
Approveda San Francisco Telephone Tax, Proposition O, 2008
Defeatedd San Francisco County Transportation Authority Board, Proposition P, 2008
Approveda San Francisco Payroll Expense Tax, Proposition Q, 2008
Defeatedd San Francisco George Bush Sewage Plant Initiative (2008)
Approveda San Francisco Budget Set-Asides and Replacement Funds, Proposition S, 2008
Approveda San Francisco Free and Low-Cost Substance Abuse Treatment Programs, Proposition T, 2008
Approveda San Francisco Policy Against Funding the Deployment of Armed Forces in Iraq, Proposition U, 2008
Approveda San Francisco Save Junior ROTC Initiative (2008)

June 3, 2008

See also June 3, 2008 ballot measures in California

Approveda San Francisco Unified School District Measure A (June 2008) Parcel tax of $198/year.
Approveda San Francisco Health and Pension Benefits Measure B (June 2008). Increase years of service required before city and county employees qualify for health and pension benefits.
Approveda San Francisco Criminals Forfeit Retirement Measure C (June 2008). Convicted criminals forfeit municipal government benefits
Approveda San Francisco Boards and Commission Diversity Measure D (June 2008). Boards and commissions should have diverse make-up of members.
Approveda San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Measure E (June 2008). Board of Supervisors must confirm mayor's appontments to the public utilities commission.
Approveda San Francisco Bayview Jobs and Housing Measure G (June 2008)
Approveda San Francisco No Campaign Contributions from City Vendors Measure H (June 2008)
Defeatedd San Francisco Hunter's Point Redevelopment Measure F (June 2008).

February 5, 2008

History of San Francisco ballot measures

The San Francisco Public Library sponsors a San Francisco Ballot Propositions Database which includes information about San Francisco ballot measures going back to 1907.[3]

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