Indiana Marriage Amendment (2014)

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A Indiana Marriage Amendment may appear on a 2012 ballot in the state of Indiana as a proposed legislatively-referred constitutional amendment. The State Senate passed the amendment with approximately 80 percent in favor. The State House is next to vote on the issue. The measure would define marriage as between one man and one woman.[1]

According to reports, the state already has a law that bans gay marriage, however a constitutional amendment passed by voters would protect that law in state courts. State Representative Wes Culver is a supporter of the measure, and had authored a past bill dealing with the issue. According to Culver: “I’m all for it. At the least, it needs to come up for a vote.” However, Senator Timothy Lanane, an opponent of the proposed amendment, stated, "We already have a law. We don’t need to be distracted from our main goals of creating jobs and improving the lives of Hoosiers.”[2]

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