"Personhood" effort moves forward in Colorado

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March 29, 2011


DENVER, Colorado: A Colorado Personhood Amendment may appear on the November 6, 2012 statewide ballot as an initiated constitutional amendment. The measure would define the term "person" in the state constitution as the start of biological development. Colorado Right to Life Vice President Leslie Hanks stated that his group would move forward with a 2012 initiative to place the measure on the ballot.

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains filed an appeal with the Colorado Supreme Court, requesting to block the measure's supporters from placing it on the ballot. The appeal was filed on January 9, 2012, weeks after the Colorado Title Board approved the language of the measure, and allowing for circulation of initiative petitions.[1]

On March 7, 2012, the state supreme court ruled that the measure could move forward with signature collection. The court ruled in a unanimous decision. Both sides of the measure chimed in, with Planned Parenthood, the group who filed the lawsuit, having spokeswoman Monica McCafferty state the following: "We are disappointed, but not surprised. We are gearing up for a third campaign. So far we've been successful in educating voters on how dangerous this measure is — restricting a woman's ability to make personal, private decisions about her own body."[2]

Attorney Gualberto Garcia Jones, who represented proponents Personhood Colorado: "The unanimous decision by the Colorado Supreme Court proved that there is no question that this is a single-subject issue and ready to go before the voters."

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