1,128 state employees in Connecticut earn more than Gov. Dan Malloy

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March 31, 2011


Connecticut: Although Gov. Dan Malloy earns $150,000 a year, he earns less than 1,128 other state employees in Connecticut.[1][2]

Malloy, a Democrat, won the top state executive position in Connecticut on November 2, 2010.

According to opinion columnist Colin McEnroe:

"To you, $150,000 may seem like a fine salary, but there were actually 1,128 state employees who made more than that last year, according to figures extracted by ctsunlight.org, a website run by conservatives, which is what you will turn into if you look at the figures."[1]

State employees who earn more than the governor include:

  • 50 nurses who earn more than $150,000, including four state supervising nurses who make more than $250,000.[1]
  • 25 state police sergeants who make more than the governor, including five who make more than $200,000.[1]
  • Thirty-five of the top five0 state salaries are earned by personnel at the University of Connecticut Health Center. All 35 make more than $345,000 each year; one of them earns $800,000 annually.[1]
  • Three coaches, including Jim Calhoun at $2.362 million and Geno Auriemma at $1.643 million.[1]

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