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2003 ballot measures

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Sixty-eight statewide ballot measures were on the 2003 ballot in fifteen states.


See also: Alabama 2003 ballot measures

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Amendment 1 budgets, spending and finance Establish the Alabama Excellence Initiative Fund which may be used to fund a variety of programs Defeatedd


See also: California 2003 ballot propositions

Type Title Subject Description Result
Recall Gray Davis recall Recall Should Democratic Gov. Gray Davis be removed from office? Approveda

LRCA Proposition 53 Gov't Finances Dedicate 3% of general fund revenues to state/local infrastructure Defeatedd

CICA Proposition 54 Administration of government Prohibit govt from racial classifications Defeatedd


See also: Colorado 2003 ballot measures

November 4
Type Title Subject Description Result
CICA Initiative 32 Taxes Increases taxable portion of residential property Defeatedd

CICA Initiative 33 Gambling Requires Colorado Lottery Commission to implement state-supervised video lottery program Defeatedd

BI Referendum A Bonds Allows $2 billion in bonds for Colorado Water Conservation Board Defeatedd


See also: Louisiana 2003 ballot measures

October 4
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Measure 1 Environment $35 million from Mineral Revenue Audit Fund go annually to Wetlands Conservation and Restoration Fund Approveda

LRCA Measure 2 Environment Establish Louisiana Coastal Restoration Fund Approveda

LRCA Measure 3 Property rights Authorize legislature to limit extent of recovery for property rights affected by coastal wetlands conservation Approveda

LRCA Measure 4 Education Authorize State Board of Education to supervise public schools determined to be failing Approveda

LRCA Measure 5 Labor Provisions regarding members of board of directors of Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation Approveda

LRCA Measure 6 Transportation Highway Projects Act Approveda

LRCA Measure 7 Admin of gov't Authorize a state infrastructure bank to loan or pledge public funds for infrastructure projects Defeatedd

LRCA Measure 8 Taxes Property tax exemption for drilling rigs Approveda

LRCA Measure 9 Education Lottery proceeds committed to education Approveda

LRCA Measure 10 Admin of gov't System of administrative law to handle administrative adjudications Defeatedd

LRCA Measure 11 Budget Non-recurring mineral revenues don't count toward calculating revenues to be deposited in Budget Stabilization Fund Approveda

LRCA Measure 12 Property rights Constitutional protection given to private ownership of personal property does not apply to contraband Approveda

LRCA Measure 13 Admin of gov't Local governments allowed to to use tax revenues dedicated to economic development to acquire immovable property Defeatedd

LRCA Measure 14 Elections Prohibit legislative auditor and staff from engaging in political activities Defeatedd

LRCA Measure 15 Judicial reform Judge who reaches mandatory retirement age of seventy years may complete current term Approveda


See also: Maine 2003 ballot measures

June 10
Type Title Subject Description Result
BI Bond Issue Bonds $60 million in bonds for multiple government programs Approveda

November 4

Type Title Subject Description Result
CISS Question 1A Education Increase state spending on education K-12 from 50% to 55% and expand property taxes Approveda

LRSS Question 1B Education Increase state spending on education K-12 from 50% to 55% over the next 5 years and expand taxes Defeatedd

LRSS Question 1C Education Rejection of Questions 1A and 1B Defeatedd

CISS Question 2 Gambling Allow slot machines at horse racing tracks Approveda

CISS Question 3 Gambling Allow the Passamaquoddy Tribe and the Penobscot Nation to conduct gaming and wagering at a single site. Defeatedd

BI Question 4 Bonds $6.95 million in bonds to clean up water pollution Approveda

BI Question 5 Bonds $19 million in bonds to improve school facilities Approveda

BI Question 6 Bonds $63,450,000 in bonds for the improvement of roads, state-owned ferry vessels, bridges, airports, and port facilities. Approveda


See also: Mississippi 2003 ballot measures

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Amendment 1 Education How members of state's higher education board are chosen Approveda

New Jersey

See also: New Jersey 2003 ballot measures

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Question 1 Bonds Increase cap on amount that can be borrowed by the Garden State Preservation Fund Approveda

LRCA Question 2 Budget Increase authorized uses of revenues from the Corporation Business Tax Approveda

BI Question 3 Bonds $200 million for various projects including flood control Approveda

New Mexico

See also: New Mexico 2003 ballot measures

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Amendment 1 Education Transfers the state Department of Public Education to a cabinet department Approveda

LRCA Amendment 2 Education Provides for a limited additional distribution from the permanent funds Approveda

New York

See also: New York 2003 ballot measures

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Proposal 1 State budget Excluded the indebtedness contracted for sewage facilities Approveda

LRCA Proposal 2 Education Called for eliminating small city school districts from constitutional debt limitations Defeatedd


See also: Ohio 2003 ballot measures

November 4
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Issue 1 Bonds Authorizes $500 million in bonds to "stimulate economic growth" Defeatedd


See also: Oregon 2003 ballot measures

January 28
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRSS Measure 28 Taxes Increases state income tax rates for three years Defeatedd

September 16

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Measure 29 Gov't Finance Authorizes the state to incur indebtedness for savings on pension liabilities Approveda


See also: Pennsylvania 2003 ballot measures

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Amendment 1 Judicial reform Alter provision in state constitution about rights of accused to meet witnesses against them face-to-face Approveda

LRCA Amendment 2 Judicial reform Children testifying in criminal proceedings Approveda


See also: Texas 2003 ballot measures

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Proposition 1 Veterans Housing for veterans Approveda

LRCA Proposition 2 Resources Redemption of mineral interests after delinquent tax sale Approveda

LRCA Proposition 3 Taxes Tax exemptions for religious organizations Approveda

LRCA Proposition 4 Parks Financing of parks and recreation facilities Approveda

LRCA Proposition 5 Taxes Property tax exemption for travel trailers Approveda

LRCA Proposition 6 Regulation Reverse mortgage lending permitted in state Approveda

LRCA Proposition 7 Judiciary Reduce jury size in a district court criminal misdemeanor case from twelve to six Approveda

LRCA Proposition 8 Elections Person can assume office without an election if the person is the only candidate to qualify for that office Approveda

LRCA Proposition 9 Education Rules governing the Permanent School Fund Approveda

LRCA Proposition 10 Admin of gov't Municipalities allowed to donate surplus fire fighting equipment to Texas Forest Service Approveda

LRCA Proposition 11 Regulation Regulation of wineries Approveda

LRCA Proposition 12 Judiciary Cap on maximum awards in civil lawsuits against doctors/health care providers Approveda

LRCA Proposition 13 Taxes Freeze property taxes for disabled and elderly Approveda

LRCA Proposition 14 Transportation Borrowing authorization for transportation projects Approveda

LRCA Proposition 15 Labor Prohibit gov't retirement system from reducing certain accrued benefits Approveda

LRCA Proposition 16 Regulation Rules governing refinancing reverse mortgage loans Approveda

LRCA Proposition 17 Taxes Prohibit increase in school property taxes on homes of disabled persons Approveda

LRCA Proposition 18 Elections Permit a person to assume an office without an election under certain circumstances Approveda

LRCA Proposition 19 Admin of gov't Repeal the legislature's authority to create rural fire prevention districts Approveda

LRCA Proposition 20 Bond issue $250 million for economic development projects Approveda

LRCA Proposition 21 Labor Faculty members can receive compensation for being on governing body of water district Approveda

LRCA Proposition 22 Elections Temporary replacement officer to serve on behalf of local gov't agency when officer is called to military duty Approveda


See also: Washington 2003 ballot measures

November 4
Type Title Subject Description Result
ITP Initiative 841 Labor Repeals existing state ergonomics regulations and directs the department of labor and industries not to adopt new ergonomics regulations Approveda

LRCA HJR 4206 Elections Allows a newly-elected officer to take office early if the office falls vacant after the general election Approveda


See also: Wisconsin 2003 ballot measures

April 1
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Question 1 Hunting Provides that the people have the right to fish, hunt, trap, and take game Approveda

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