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On November 6, 2007, voters in six states--Maine, New Jersey, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington--voted on 34 ballot measures. Voters in Louisiana already had their turn, with four measures on the Louisiana ballot on October 20. Voters in an eighth state, Ohio, will see a ballot measure--the Adult Entertainment Referendum--on their ballot, but votes for that measure will not be counted one way or the other.

Of the 38 ballot measures, 30 passed, and eight failed.

2007 Citizen Initiatives and Referenda

Of the 34 ballot measures (38 including Louisiana's October vote), four were either initiatives or referenda, where signatures were collected to place the measure before voters.

The two citizen initiatives are:

The two referenda--whose supporters hope to overturn decisions of their state legislatures--are:

Tax-related ballot measures

Voters in four states considered tax-related ballot measures. Five of the measures reformed or reduced taxes, and one of the measures (Oregon 50) proposed a tax increase.

Bond issues

Voters in three states were asked to weigh in on ten different bond issues. Maine voters were asked to approve $134 million in new spending. New Jersey voters were asked to consider $650 million in new spending. Texas voters were asked to approve a whopping $9.75 billion in new spending.