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2010 state legislative calendar

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2009 calendar



Begins.png   4   Session begins for Ohio State Legislature.

Begins.png   5   Sessions begin for Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Vermont legislatures.

Begins.png   6   Session begins for Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island legislatures.

Begins.png   11   Sessions begin for Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Washington legislatures.

Begins.png   12   Sessions begin for Alabama, California, Delaware, South Carolina, South Dakota and Tennessee legislatures.

Electiondot.png   12   Special election: California State Assembly (District 72).

Begins.png   13   Sessions begin for Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Virginia and West Virginia legislatures.

Begins.png   19   Sessions begin for Alaska, New Mexico and Wisconsin legislatures.

Begins.png   20   Session begins for Hawaii State Legislature.

Begins.png   25   Session begins for Utah State Legislature.


Begins.png   1   Session begins for Oklahoma State Legislature.

Specialsession.png   1   Special session begins for Oregon State Legislature.

Begins.png   3   Session begins for Connecticut State Legislature.

Begins.png   4   Session begins for Minnesota State Legislature.

Begins.png   8   Session begins for Arkansas State Legislature.

Specialsession.png   23   Special session begins for Nevada State Legislature.


Begins.png   2   Session begins for Florida State Legislature.

Ends.png   4   Session ends for Arkansas State Legislature.

Begins.png   29   Session begins for Louisiana State Legislature.

Begins.png   29   Session ends for Idaho State Legislature.


Electiondot.png   13   Special elections: California State Assembly (District 43), California State State (District 37), Florida House of Representatives (District 4).

Ends.png   19   Session ends for Alaska State Legislature.

Ends.png   22   Sessions end for Alabama, Arizona State Legislature.


Electiondot.png   1   Special elections: Districts 63 and 93 of the Louisiana House of Representatives.

Electiondot.png   8   Special election: Texas State Senate (District 22).

Begins.png   12   Session begins for North Carolina State Legislature.








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