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2012 Ballot Measure Election Results: Nevada

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November 6, 2012


Edited by Kristen Horn

CARSON CITY, Nevada: Nevada’s Question 1 was on the Nevada 2012 ballot on November 6, the only measure to be place before voters.

Question 1 addressed special legislative sessions, and specifically would outline that the Nevada Legislature may convene a special legislative session upon a petition signed by two-thirds of the Legislators of each chamber, on "extraordinary occasions."

Under the approval of Question 1, special sessions would be limited to 20 calendar days except in the event that a special session is called to expel a legislator or impeach or remove the Nevada Governor. Other constitutional officers and judicial officers would be included in this impeachment provision. An extension of the sessions would also occur if a supermajority of 66% of members in both chambers approve of doing so.

According to reports the measure was successful approximately 53% of voters casting "yes" votes. Election results are not yet official, as a canvassing of the results will not be done until later this month.

Stay tuned for more developments on Ballotpedia's Ballotpedia's page for Nevada 2012 ballot measures.

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