2013 elections review: Pair of incumbents upset in quiet Virginia primaries

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June 11, 2013

By Ballotpedia's State legislative teams

Virginia experienced two upsets in an otherwise quiet day of primaries for the House of Delegates. Voter turnout was expected to fall below 5 percent based on projections at polling locations.[1]

There were 11 contested primaries for House seats.

Contested Primaries in Virginia -- June 11, 2013
State Legislature
(100 seats)
Total Democratic Contested Primaries 3 (3%)
Total Republican Contested Primaries 8 (8%)

Defeated incumbents

Virginia's legislative primaries yielded a pair of defeats for incumbent legislators. The defeated incumbents were supporters of a recently passed transportation bill that increases sales and gas taxes to improve roadways.[2][3] The successful challengers lodged primary challenges in part to protest the bill's passage, which they called the biggest tax increase in the state's history.[4]

Republican Party Mark J. Berg defeated Beverly Sherwood in District 29.
Republican Party Dave A. LaRock defeated Joe T. May in District 33.

Incumbent victories

Five incumbents were able to fend off primary challenges in Tuesday's primaries.

Republican Party C. Todd Gilbert defeated Mark W. Prince in District 15.
Republican Party Bill Howell defeated Craig E. Ennis in District 28.
Republican Party Bobby Orrock defeated Dustin R. Curtis in District 54.
Democratic Party Roz Dance defeated Evandra D. Thompson in District 63.
Democratic Party Algie Howell defeated Richard James in District 90.

Additional primaries

Four House primaries did not feature challenges to incumbents.

Republican Party Jeffrey L. Campbell defeated Jack Weaver in District 6.
Republican Party Les R. Adams defeated Kenneth L. Bowman in District 16.
Republican Party Scott W. Taylor (Virginia) defeated Gary C. Byler and T. Jeremy Waters in District 85.
Democratic Party Jennifer B. Boysko defeated Herbert C. Kemp defeated in District 86.

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