25-year family dynasty comes to an end in Missouri

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November 26, 2012


By Joel Williams

Jefferson City, Missouri: Following the November 6 general election, the political landscape in Missouri lost a prominent family. Although they played a role in state politics in some form for the last 25 years, the Carnahan family will have no members present in the U.S. Congress, state house, or state executive branch. The Carnahans were most known for their "[support of] public education, steady service and representing traditional Democratic values." Mel Carnahan, patriarch of the family, was governor of Missouri in 2000 before dying in a plane crash while campaigning. His son, Russ, was a multi-term incumbent in the U.S. Congress but was finally forced out this election due to redistricting. Daughter Robin failed in her bid for the U.S. Senate this term after serving as Missouri's Secretary of State.

Dave Robertson, a political scientist at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, believes the siblings' losses may have an amplifying effect one on another, causing voters to be more hesitant in the future."It's almost as if the losses each has suffered are magnified by the other one's loss," Robertson said. "I think it would be really difficult to get back, although I think they could do it."[1]

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