A proposal requiring pre-abortion drug ultrasounds wins Indiana Senate approval

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February 27, 2013


By Josh Altic

In a 33-16 vote on Tuesday the Indiana Senate approved new legislation that would make an ultrasound mandatory for all women seeking an abortion, including drug-induced abortions. This bill also re-defined what an abortion clinic is and established certain procedures that must be followed prior to any abortion.[1][2]

If this proposal is likewise approved in the House and adopted as law, Indiana will become the ninth state to enact such legislation.[1]

Supporters of this bill, pointing to the reported dangers of administering the RU486 abortion drug in some cases, argued that these measures are important for the safety of the mother. Senator Travis Holdman strongly supports the bill and, concerning its importance, Holdman said, "It is a matter of the mother's health."[1]

Those who oppose the bill argue that if this legislation passes it could shut down several abortion clinics in Indiana. Betty Cockrum, the president of Planned Parenthood of Indiana, said, "The point is that lawmakers who have no background in health care shouldn’t be telling doctors how to practice medicine and shouldn’t be adding to a patient’s burden -- shouldn’t be adding to the cost of health care."[3]

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