Abortion ballot measure leader comes under investigation

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December 16, 2009

KALISPELL, Montana: Dr. Ann Bukacek, leader of the Montana ProLife Coalition, came under investigation during early November due to allegations of medical fraud. Bukacek, who is spearheading the campaign effort for the Life Begins at Conception initiative, has come under fire after being accused of unusual billing practices and submitting Medicaid reimbursements for prayer session time with patients.

Bukacek has countered those accusations by stating an upset former employee is the cause of the investigation. This signals the fourth investigation since April 2009 that deals with allegedly corrupt billing methods. Bukacek stated that fraud investigators asked "How much time we spend on it, how we decide how to pray, how we pray with non-Christians." The doctor continued in an interview with a local newspaper: "They said they have to follow up every allegation made. I believe these individuals are people doing their job. I find no fault in them. But think about the federal capacity for harassment. Will I continue to get an average of one government investigation a month?"[1][2]

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