Absentee vote fraud alleged in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

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October 30, 2010

BUCKS COUNTY, Pennsylvania: On Friday the Bucks County Board of Elections voted 2-1 to gather and count all absentee ballots in their office, rather than the normal practice of counting them at the various local divisions on election day.[1] The decision came after a three-hour hearing where Board of Elections members heard from lawyers representing Democrats, Republicans, and Independents regarding the issues surrounding absentee ballots.

The County received over 12,000 applications for absentee ballots and as of last Thursday some 8,000 absentee ballots had been cast. Republicans have alleged that Democratic canvassers improperly solicited absentee ballots though a misleading mailing, leading the Bucks County GOP to file challenges to over 270 absentee ballot applications and ballots. Democrats struck back, alleging bias in the rejected ballots. They questioned why, of the 900 applications that were rejected, six Democratic ones were rejected for every Republican one.[2]

The absentee votes could affect the tight race for the 8th Congressional district between incumbent Democrat Patrick Murphy and Republican challenger Mike Fitzpatrick.

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