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October 4, 2009

687px-Flag of Maine.svg.png

Finally, after weeks of anticipation and planning I'm now in Portland, Maine! Despite my love for traveling, there's rarely a trip without a small mishap. In this case though, it was lost baggage. Talk about a scare. Luckily, my luggage was safely delivered only hours after arriving. Crisis averted. Nevertheless, now that I'm settled, it's time to hunker down and tackle the 3 main issues in Maine, first however is Maine Same-Sex Marriage People's Veto, Question 1 (2009).

Question 1, a measure that developed shortly after Gov. John Baldacci signed "An Act to Promote Marriage Equality and Affirm Religious Freedom" on May 6, 2009, calls for voters to "reject the new law that lets same-sex couples marry and allows individuals and religious groups to refuse to perform these marriages." However, in the recent weeks, debate about same-sex marriage has gotten heated. Read same-sex marriage news here.

Tomorrow I'm scheduled to meet with Protect Maine Equality, which leads the No on 1 campaign. They launched two television ads since September 1st and has raised approximately $642,459 in campaign funds according to September 2009 reports.

Protect Maine Equality ad, 09-02-09

Check back tomorrow for interview details.

In the meantime take a look at the latest polls for Question 1:

Date of Poll Pollster In favor Opposed Undecided
April 2008 Pan Atlantic SMS Services 49.5% 47.3% 3.3%
Sept. 14 - 16 Research 2000/Daily Kos 48% 46% 6%
Sept. 23 - 27 Greenberg Quinlan Rosner (GQR) 41% 50% 9%
Sept. 30 - Oct. 7 Pan Atlantic SMS Services 43% 52% 5%
Oct. 16 - 19 Public Policy Polling 48% 48% 4%
Oct. 20 - 22 Pan Atlantic SMS Services 42% 53% 6%
Oct. 31 - Nov. 1 Public Policy Polling 51% 47% 2%

An interview with Stand for Marriage Maine, supporters of Question 1, will be featured later this week.

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