After nearly losing House on election night, Democrats in New Mexico elect leadership

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November 30, 2010

SANTA FE, New Mexico: On election night 2010, the New Mexico House of Representatives was sitting firmly in Democratic control. But by the end of the night, Republicans were only two seats away from tying the House, having taken back eight seats on November 2.

Several weeks later, the Democratic Party has chosen its leadership, and largely kept in place the same representatives in their respective positions.

Ben Lujan, Sr., first elected to the New Mexico House of Representatives in 1974. Lujan has been nominated to be the Speaker of the House in the 2011 session.
  • Ben Lujan, Sr. is the Democratic nominee for Speaker of the House -- although he requires full legislative approval in January.[1]

Lujan's challenger in the speaker race -- Joseph Cervantes could still win the speaker's post if a Democratic-Republican coalition is created. According to Cervantes, "the voters told us they wanted change."[1]

While Gardner has been appointed to a position outside of his elected post, there is an unclear future about what will happen to his seat. Most likely, he will not resign, and the governor will appoint a replacement.[3]

New Mexico House of Representatives
Party As of November 1, 2010 After the 2010 Election
     Democratic Party 45 37
     Republican Party 25 33
Total 70 70

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