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The Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee is a standing committee of the Tennessee House of Representatives.

Per Rule 6 of the House Rules, committees of the Tennessee House of Representatives are appointed by the Speaker of the House.[1] In each standing committee and for the Committee on Calendar and Rules, the Speaker of the House appoints one chair, one vice-chair, and one secretary. The Speaker considers the abilities, preferences, seniority of members, and the political party representation in the House when appointing committees and committee officers. Members are appointed to server on no more than two standing committees, exclusive of the Committee on Calendar and Rules.[1][2] The Speaker of the House and the Speaker Pro Tempore are voting members of each standing committee.[1][3]

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The House Agriculture Committee is charged with two somewhat different responsibilities. The committee ís first function is to process legislation which is agricultural in subject matter -- control of equine infectious anemia, euthanasia of animals, the use of state funds for cash awards at state and local fairs, etc. Other areas of concern are human nutrition and home economics and plant industry. Its second responsibility is to study the needs and concerns of Tennessee farmers and to address their problems and grievances with appropriate legislative remedies. These might include, but are not limited to, agricultural economics and research, production and marketing; animal industry and diseases of animals; dairy industry; livestock and meat products inspection. In this respect, the committee conducts public hearings with representatives from many farm groups appearing to present their views.[4][5]


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2015 legislative session

Agriculture and Natural Resources Members, 2015
Democratic members (3)Republican members (12)
G.A. HardawayCurtis Halford, Chair
Johnny ShawAndy Holt, Vice Chair
John WindleDavid Byrd (Tennessee)
David Hawk
Bud Hulsey
Ron Lollar
Pat Marsh
Steve McDaniel
Debra Moody
Dennis Powers (Tennessee)
Jay Reedy
Art Swann


The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2014 legislative session.


The following table describes committee membership for the 2011 legislative session.


The following table describes committee membership for the 2009 legislative session.

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