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Akron is a city in Northeastern Ohio. The 2010 census reported the population at 703,200, making it the fifth largest city in Ohio and the county seat of Summit County. Akron was settled in 1825 as a strategic point at the summit of developing the Ohio and Erie Canals.

In 2001, Akron was named 5th on the list of the top ten high tech havens in the U.S. according to Information Age Newsweek.

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Meetings P
Elected Officials Y
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Administrative Officials Y
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Permits, zoning Y
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Audits Y
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The good

  • Council meetings, committee meetings and Ward meetings are posted online.[1]
  • Elected Councilmembers information is published, including contact phone numbers and email addresses.[2]
  • Administrative officials are published.[3]
  • Audits and Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports are available, however only up to 2009. Up to date quarterly, monthly and daily reports are available.[4]
  • Budget information is available, archived through 1993.[5]
  • Permits and zoning information is available, including maps, forms, and agendas.[6][7]
  • Invitations to bid, bidder lists and contract awards are published, including vendor names and prices.[8]
  • Public records are complete.[9]
  • Citizen information link with FAQ is a great resource.[10]
  • News releases is relevant and recent.[11]

The bad

  • No FOIA contact information.
  • No meeting minutes are available.

Elected Officials: Council Members

Akron City Council is made up of thirteen members; Ten are Ward representatives and three are elected At-Large.

Name Title Salary
Donald Plusquellic Mayor $141,440[12]
James Hurley III Councilperson, Ward 1 $31,000
Bruce Kilby Councilperson, Ward 2 $31,000
Marco Sommerville Ward 3, Council President $41,000
Russell Neal, Jr. Councilperson, Ward 4 $31,000
Kenneth Jones Councilperson, Ward 5 $31,000
Bob Otterman Councilperson, Ward 6 $31,000
Tina Merlitti Ward 7, Council Vice President $31,000
Phillip Montgomery Councilperson, Ward 8 $31,000
Mike Freeman Councilperson, Ward 9, President Pro Tem $31,000
Kelli Crawford Councilperson, Ward 10 $31,000
Jeff Fusco Councilperson, At-Large $31,000
Linda Omobien Councilperson, At-Large $31,000
Michael Williams Councilperson, At-Large $31,000
Bob Keith Clerk of Council $31,000

Councilmember salaries in Akron as compared to Ohio cities.[13]

Administrative Officials

Name Title
David Lieberth Administration Deputy Mayor
Robert Bowman Economic Development Deputy Mayor
Diane Miller-Dawson Finance Director
Laraine Duncan Intergovernmental Relations Deputy Mayor
Cheri Cunningham Law Director
John Moore Planning & Urban Development Director
Richard Merolla Public Service Director
Billy Soule Community Relations Assistant to Mayor


  • The 2011 operating budget is $549,262,000.[14]
  • The 2011 net budget for operations and capital improvements totals more than $427 million.
  • The Government Finance Officers Association awarded the City of Akron the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award in January 2010. The award acknowledges budget documents that meet program criteria as a policy document, an operations guide, as a financial plan and as a communications device.


Akron received $52,757,579.80 in federal stimulus funding through 30 grants.[15]

Local taxes

The sales tax in Akron (Summit County) is 6.5%. Prior to the recession in 2007, Akron collected $119 million in income taxes. In 2008, it was $117 million; In 2009, it was $109 million; In 2010 it was $107 million, $12 million less in primary revenue sources. Income taxes account for 22.44% ($123,250,000) of revenue.

City In the News

  • In September 2011, County Commissioner Tommie Jo Marsilio filed a sex discrimination complaint against her former boss, county Prosecutor Victor Vigluicci, for allegedly firing her over political campaign material that expressed substantially the same ideas of the men who remained employed in the office. Marisili also alleged in U.S. District Court in Akron, that she received a smaller paycheck than her male counterparts who had similar or fewer responsibilities.[16]
  • In June 2011, Ohio Judge Steven Terry, was found guilty by a federal jury on three of five charges including conspiracy to commit mail fraud and mail fraud for fixing a foreclosure case.[17]


Main article:Ohio government sector lobbying

Akron has reported more than $760,000 spent lobbying since 2000 (see table).

Reported lobbying expenditures, 2000-2009[18]
Year Amount spent on lobbying
2009 $20,000
2008 $80,000
2007 $80,000
2006 $40,000
2005 $80,000
2004 $80,000
2003 $80,000
2002 $80,000
2001 $100,000
2000 $120,000

Public Record Policy

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