Al Switzer and Cheryl Hukill recall, Klamath County, Oregon (2011)

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An effort to recall Al Switzer and Cheryl Hukill from their positions as Klamath County Commissioners was launched in June 2011. The recall campaign against Hukill was abandoned in July 2011[1] and the recall campaign against Switzer was abandoned in September 2011.[2]

Path to the ballot

Chuck Collins, a sergeant in the Klamath County Sheriff's Office, filed the recall petitions for Switzer and Hukill on June 24th.[3] Recall supporters would have needed to collect signatures from 3,474 voters, which represents 15% of the total votes cast for governor in the last county election.[2]

In July, Collins rescinded the petition against Huskill. Collins made this decision because he wanted to maintain local control over the board. If both Switzer and Hukill were to be recalled, the Governor of Oregon, John Kitzhaber, has the authority to appoint one commissioner.[1]

In September, Collins announced that he was abandoning the recall campaign against Switzer. Collins said he was several hundred signatures short of the required amount to force a recall election.[2]

Reasons for recall

The recall petition alleged that the recall targets did not represent the best interest of their constituents by being negligent in overseeing the county budget, neglecting to seek alternative funding for public safety, and being "untruthful" about soliciting a legal opinion from Oregon Attorney General John Kroger.[3]

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