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Alabama Education Association
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The Alabama Education Association (AEA) is an organization of education professionals. It has 104,000 members, and is an affiliate of the larger National Education Association.[1]

According to the Alabama Education Association website, its mission statement is:

"To promote educational excellence, the Alabama Education Association shall serve as the advocate for its members and shall lead in the advancement of equitable and quality public education for a diverse population."[2]

The strategic objectives of the AEA are:

  1. To ensure equity, excellence, and professionalism, AEA Will lead the movement to advance and, as necessary, restructure the state's public education system.
  2. To increase awareness and improve public opinion, AEA will communicate a postive image of public education and the association.
  3. To promote and defend human and civil rights, AEA will work to eliminate all forms of discrimination.
  4. To protect, improve, and expand the rights of education employees, AEA will advocate political and legal action to gain greater professional, personal, and economic security.
  5. To maintain a strong united education profession, AEA will implement strategies to enlist, retain, involve, train, and empower its members.
  6. To successfully achieve the Strategic Plan, AEA will support and adequately fund the necessary systems and services[3]

Campaign Contributions

State Candidates


In the 2010 legislative elections, the AEA contributed $868,675 to state senate candidates in Alabama. Additionally, a total of $1,097,446 was donated to Assembly candidates. The AEA was the 3rd and 2nd largest donor in the Senate and Assembly races, respectively.

The top five recipients of campaign contributions from the AEA in 2010 were:[4]

Candidate Amount Result
Democratic Party Ron Sparks, Governor $330,668 Defeatedd
Democratic Party Zeb Little, State Senator $104,353 Defeatedd
Democratic Party Jim Folsom, Jr., Lieutenant Governor $100,000 Defeatedd
Democratic Party Richard Lindsey, State Representative $65,000 Approveda
Democratic Party Larry Means, State Senator $56,352 Defeatedd

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