Alabama Legislature pours in multiple ballot measures for 2012 ballot

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June 10, 2011


MONTGOMERY, Alabama: The Alabama Legislature has sent at least three measures to the 2012 ballot, as lawmakers scrambled on the last day of session.[1]

According to reports, the three bills that will be on the ballot include an amendment to prohibit mandatory participation in any health care system, another to guarantee the right to a secret ballot in votes of employee representation, and one that would require photo identification when voting at the polls.

All three measures were voted onto the ballot by the Alabama State Senate on the last day of session. Article XVIII of the Alabama Constitution says that it takes a three-fifths (60%) vote of the Alabama State Legislature to qualify an amendment for the ballot.

More amendments for the 2012 general election may be considered in Alabama during 2012 state legislative session. While it is expected that the three certified measures will appear on the statewide ballot, some future certified measures may appear on only local county ballots. The reason being was that in order to pass local county laws, an amendment to the state constitution is needed. Alabama mandates that county governments seek legislative approval or legislatively-referred constitutional amendment ballot measures for approval of laws.

As more develops on how many measures were certified, Ballotpedia will continue to update Alabama's ballot measure count.

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