Alabama health care bill may fall short

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April 21, 2010

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama: The last day of legislative session ends tomorrow, and there are still many loose ends lawmakers must tie up before concluding. One issue still on the table is a topic that has been under the national limelight for the past few months: health care. Alabama legislators are contemplating a measure that would prohibit any person, employer or health care provider from being mandated to participate in any health care system. The proposal is in response to the recent federal mandates being decided upon in Congress.

The Alabama State Senate approved of the bill with a vote of 23-8, and must now be passed by the Alabama House of Representatives in order to be placed on the ballot. However, as of April 21, 2010, the bill was not discussed by the House Health Committee. April 21 is the last day proposed bills can be voted on by committees, and the last day of legislative session is April 22, 2010.[1]

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