Alabama lawmakers do not pass any initiative bills

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July 28, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama: State lawmakers in Alabama ended their session on April 22, 2010 without passing any initiative legislation[1][2].

During the session, lawmakers considered a total of seven initiative bills. Three of them alone were designed to bring the initiative process to Alabamans. Both the House and the Senate introduced bills to allow citizens to amend the state constitution and initiate state statutes[2]. All three of the bills died in committee without seeing a vote in the Legislature[3][4][5].

Legislators in both houses also considered to bring a constitutional convention question on the November 2010 ballot[2]. If approved, Alabama could be one of many states in 2010 to ask voters to change their constitution[6]. The proposal did not see a vote in the Legislature and died in committee[7][8].

The other proposal lawmakers considered was to begin an interactive voter information guide for statewide referendums[2]. Both houses of the Legislature introduced separate bills to allow the Secretary of State to post voter information about statewide referendums on its website. Also, citizens would be allowed to interact in online discussion involving statewide referendums. Both the House and Senate versions of the bill died in committee[9][10].