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Alabama stimulus allocations

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Stimulus Funds in Alabama totaled $3 billion. These funds were divided up between different levels of the government, including state, municipal and schools. Alabama had a total of 1,092 active recovery projects as of 2009.[1]

A July 2009 report by Good Jobs First evaluated Alabama's state website that details the implementation of the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Alabama received a score of 10 out of 100.[2]

State programs

Alabama expected to receive approximately $3 billion from the $787 billion economic stimulus package.[3] According to White House officials the stimulus bill had estimated to create or save 51,000 jobs.[4]

Federal officials reported that state companies and local governments had created approximately 4,842 jobs using stimulus dollars. As of October 30, 2009, a total of 164 contracts had been awarded, a total of approximately $209.8 million. In total, including grants, contracts and loans Alabama received $2.49 billion.[5]

The following data is based on a review from November of 2009. To see allocations, click on "show."[6]


According to state officials, Alabama is scheduled to received $985 million in stimulus funds for education. Of the $985 million funds, $163.2 million would go to Title I schools, $187.8 million for special education, $10.5 million for education technology and $596.4 million for fiscal stabilization.[9]

Health and Human Services

Alabama's Medicaid program is scheduled to receive a total of $821.4 million.[9]


Approximately $513 million in stimulus funds will go towards state transportation.[9]

Cuts in funding

Approximately $8 billion in federal stimulus funding is being cut from the national total.[10]


The following data is based on a review on November 23, 2009. To see allocations, click on "show."

School district

The following data is based on a review from November 2009. To see allocations, click on "show."

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