Alameda Measure H lawsuit nears settlement

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September 11, 2009

ALAMEDA, California: The Alameda Unified School District has agreed to a legal framework to settle a lawsuit filed against it that seeks to invalidate Alameda Unified School District parcel tax, Measure H (June 2008). Measure H is a four-year parcel tax that narrowly passed in June 2008. John Beery filed a lawsuit against it seeking to invalidate it on six different grounds, including the fact that the tax is not uniform.

The potential agreement between AUSD and Beery would result in a proposed new parcel tax to replace Measures A and H. The new parcel tax would go on the June 8, 2010 ballot.[1]

The Measure H lawsuit has broader implications since what Beery identified as a fatal flaw in Measure H applies to other parcel tax measures that have been passed or proposed in other school districts in the state.

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