Alaska 1982 ballot measures

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Nine statewide ballot measures were on the November statewide ballot in Alaska in 1982.

On the ballot

Type Title Subject Description Result
ABR Constitutional Convention Convention Shall there be a constitutional convention? Defeatedd
IndISS Consumption of Fish and Game Natural resources Prohibit classification by gender, ethnicity as to who can consume fish and game Defeatedd
IndISS Abortion Funding Abortion Limit state funding of abortion Defeatedd
IndISS State Ownership of Federal Land Natural resources Assert state ownership of federal lands in Alaska Approveda
AQ Relocation of State Capital Advisory Vote Admin of gov't Should state spend $2.8 billion to relocate capital to Willow Defeatedd
LRCA Commission on Judicial Qualifications Amendment Judiciary Re-name Commission on Judicial Qualifications and change its makeup Approveda
LRCA Authorization to Issue Veterans’ Housing Bonds Amendment Bonds Expand state's authority to incur indebtedness Approveda
LRCA Limitation on State Budget Appropriations Amendment State spending Limits appropriations for a fiscal year to $2.5 billion, adjusted annually Approveda
Alaska BP Bonds $400 million for residential mortgages for veterans Approveda

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