Alaska Association of Realtors

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Alaska Association of Realtors
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The Alaska Association of Realtors (AAR) was founded in 1959. It is the main voice for real estate professionals in Alaska.

The AAR lists the following objectives:

"Focus Association activities and programs in keeping with real property ownership and private property rights."
"Develop a political network to exert effectivley a combined influence upon matters affecting Alaska real estate."
"Elevate the ethical standards of the real estate business and the professional conduct of persons engaged in real estate in Alaska through education and communication."
"Unite Alaska REALTORS to strengthen our industry and give all Alaskans the opportuntiy to realize the American dream of property ownership."[1]

Campaign Contributions

State Candidates


See also: Alaska State Senate elections, 2010 and Alaska House of Representatives elections, 2010

In 2010, the AAR contributed a total of $15,800 to state senate candidates and $34,274 to state house candidates. It was the 9th and 7th largest donor in state senate and house elections, respectively.

The top 11 recipients of campaign contributions from the AAR in 2010 were:[2]

Candidate Amount Result

Republican Party Charisse Millett, House $3,000 Approveda
Republican Party Charles Chenault, House $2,000 Approveda
Democratic Party Johnny Ellis, Senate $2,000 Approveda
Republican Party Mike Hawker, House $2,000 Approveda
Democratic Party Lyman Hoffman, Senate $2,000 Approveda
Republican Party Charlie Huggins, Senate $2,000 Approveda
Republican Party Lesil McGuire, Senate $2,000 Approveda
Republican Party Kurt Olson, House $2,000 Approveda
Republican Party Gary Stevens, Senate $2,000 Approveda
Republican Party Bill Stoltze, House $2,000 Approveda
Democratic Party Joe Thomas, Senate $2,000 Approveda

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