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Alaska Legislative Annulment Amendment (1986)

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The Alaska Legislative Annulment of Administrative Regulations Amendment ballot question appeared on the 1986 statewide general election ballot in Alaska as a proposed legislatively-referred constitutional amendment to the Alaska Constitution, where it was defeated.

The ballot language was, "This amendment of the Alaska constitution would permit the legislature to annul executive branch regulations by passing a resolution that is not subject to veto by the goerrnor or repeal by referendum. The annulment would become effective 30 days after passage by the legislature, unless the resolution sets a different date. The resolution must have three readings in each house on separate days, except that it may be advanced from second to third reading on the same day by a three-fourths vote of the house considering it. The resolution must receive approval of a majority of the membership of each house. The yeas and nays on final passage must be entered in the legislative journals."

Alaska Legislative Annulment Amendment (1986)
Yes or no Percentage
Yes 40.9
10px-600px-Red x.png No 59.1
Total 100%

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