Alaska Public Employees Association

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Alaska Public Employees Association
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The Alaska Public Employees Association (APEA) was founded in 1955 as the Alaska State Employees Association for the purpose of lobbying on behalf of its members. It became the APEA in 1972 when the state granted state and local government employees the right to unionize. In 1990, the members of the APEA voted to join the American Federation of Teachers, with whom they are now affiliated.[1]

Campaign Contributions

State Candidates


In 2010, the APEA contributed a total of $11,000 to state senate candidates and $42,395 to state house candidates. It was the 12th and 6th largest donor in state senate and house elections, respectively.

The top 18 recipients of campaign contributions from the APEA in 2010 were:[2]

Candidate Amount Result

Democratic Party Lindsey Holmes, House $3,395 Approveda
Democratic Party Ethan A. Berkowitz and Diane E. Benson, Governor and Lieutenant Governor $2,000 Defeatedd
Democratic Party Bob Buch, House $2,000 Defeatedd
Democratic Party Sharon Cissna, House $2,000 Approveda
Democratic Party Mike Doogan, House $2,000 Approveda
Democratic Party Dennis Egan, Senate $2,000 Approveda
Democratic Party Les Gara, House $2,000 Approveda
Democratic Party Berta Gardner, House $2,000 Approveda
Democratic Party Max Gruenberg, House $2,000 Approveda
Republican Party Mike Hawker, House $2,000 Approveda
Democratic Party Lyman Hoffman, Senate $2,000 Approveda
Democratic Party Beth Kerttula, House $2,000 Approveda
Republican Party Lesil McGuire, Senate $2,000 Approveda
Republican Party Cathy Munoz, House $2,000 Approveda
Democratic Party Barbara Norton, House $2,000 Defeatedd
Democratic Party Pete Petersen, House $2,000 Approveda
Democratic Party Janet L. Reiser, Senate $2,000 Defeatedd
Democratic Party Chris Tuck, House $2,000 Approveda

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