Alaska results certified for 2012 ballot measures

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November 30, 2012


By Al Ortiz

JUNEAU, Alaska: All election results have been certified in the state of Alaska, meaning both Alaska ballot measures on the 2012 ballot are now official.

Ballot Measure 1 would have created a convention to revise, alter or amend the state constitution. The last time a constitutional convention question was on the ballot in the state was in 2002. That measure was defeated. This time around, the measure had the same fate, with 66.59% of voters voting no.

Bonding Proposition A allowed for a general obligation bond to be issued for the purpose of transportation projects in the state. The bond is not to exceed $453,499,200. The measure was approved with 58.13% of the vote.

Read more about these measures here.

Other official results can be read here from the Alaska Division of Elections.

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