Alex Taft recall, Missoula, Montana (2012)

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An effort to recall Alex Taft from his position on the city council of Missoula, Montana, was launched in October 2012.[1] The recall effort did not result in a recall election. Taft, who represents Ward 3, was elected in 2011.

Reasons for recall

Bill Miller initiated the recall effort. The catalyst for recall was Taft's support for allowing accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, in single family neighborhoods. Recall supporter Jim Rolando said, "When he [Taft] ran for the council, there was no mention that his primary concern as a council member was to put alley houses in people’s neighborhoods."[1]

Taft's response

Taft said recall supporters "have the right to do what they’re doing, and good luck to them...But I won by 74 percent of the vote. I told people I was going to look at developing housing in town. my view, I’m true to my campaign promises, and I feel pretty comfortable about that.”[1]

Path to the ballot

Recall supporters would have needed to gather signatures from 20% of the voters in Ward 3.[1] A recall election did not take place, and anti-ADU activists instead turned their attention to a petition to deny the City Council the right to impose ADU’s on single-family districts.[2]

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