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Allegheny County Magisterial District, Pennsylvania

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The Allegheny County Magisterial District is a trial court of Magisterial Districts in Pennsylvania.


The judges of the Allegheny County Magisterial District include:

Former judges

Closing district courts

The president judge of this magisterial district recommended eliminating three judge positions at the end of 2011, in an effort to reduce the state's budget deficit. Three three courts to be closed all have judges facing mandatory retirement at the end of their terms in 2011.[1]

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The following is a list of candidates for the Allegheny County Magisterial District 2011 election:
CandidateIncumbencyDistrictPrimary VoteElection Vote
McGoughHugh F. McGough   ApprovedANoDistrict 05-2-3541.2%99.1%   ApprovedA
Hanley, Jr.James J. Hanley, Jr.   ApprovedAYesDistrict 05-2-3699%99.4%   ApprovedA
RicciardiEugene N. Ricciardi   ApprovedAYesDistrict 05-2-2799%99.1%   ApprovedA
SosovickaDavid J. Sosovicka   ApprovedAYesDistrict 05-02-2399%98.9%   ApprovedA
JoyceDennis R. Joyce   ApprovedAYesDistrict 05-02-2399%99.2%   ApprovedA
SwearingenCarla M. Swearingen   ApprovedAYesDistrict 05-2-4399%99.5%   ApprovedA
BengelCarolyn S. Bengel   ApprovedAYesDistrict 05-2-0599%98.8%   ApprovedA
HootsKim M. Hoots   ApprovedAYesDistrict 05-02-1061.2%53.1%   ApprovedA
BarnerRobert L. Barner   ApprovedAYesDistrict 05-02-1161%77.8%   ApprovedA
WydaRobert C. Wyda   ApprovedAYesDistrict 05-02-2068.7%99.6%   ApprovedA
EvansWilliam S. Evans    NoDistrict 05-02-2031% 
HerbstJeffrey L. Herbst   ApprovedAYesDistrict 05-02-0799%99.7%   ApprovedA
WagnerWilliam K. Wagner   ApprovedAYesDistrict 05-02-1253.7%99.2%   ApprovedA
TorkowskyThomas R. Torkowsky   ApprovedAYesDistrict 05-02-1599%99%   ApprovedA
CaulfieldThomas P. Caulfield   ApprovedAYesDistrict 05-02-0840%99.3%   ApprovedA
SmithTara L. Smith   ApprovedAYesDistrict 05-2-0199%98.8%   ApprovedA
DzvonickRobert P. Dzvonick   ApprovedAYesDistrict 05-2-0349.9%97.34%   ApprovedA
MartiniRandy C. Martini   ApprovedAYesDistrict 05-3-1398%99.5%   ApprovedA
Costa, Sr.Ronald N. Costa, Sr.   ApprovedAYesDistrict 05-2-3198%98.8%   ApprovedA
FordRobert L. Ford   ApprovedAYesDistrict 05-3-0299%99.9%   ApprovedA
KingRichard G. King   ApprovedAYesDistrict 05-3-1499%99.3%   ApprovedA
ZuccoLinda I. Zucco   ApprovedAYesDistrict 05-2-3299%99.5%   ApprovedA
CerconeMary Ann Cercone   ApprovedAYesDistrict 05-3-0698%99.2%   ApprovedA
TaianiMarc V. Taiani    NoDistrict 05-02-1038.5%46.7%   DefeatedD