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Allen County, Indiana

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Allen County is one of 92 counties in Indiana. Fort Wayne is in the county. According to the 2010 census, Allen County's population was 355,329.[1]

Website evaluation

Main article: Evaluation of Indiana county websites

This website was most recently evaluated on 30 January 2012.

The good

  • The website is easy to navigate.
  • County council members are listed with contact information.[2]
  • Meeting minutes, agendas and schedules are posted for commissioners[3] and county council.[2]
  • Contact information is posted on each department's webpage.
  • Information and forms are provided for public records requests.[4]
  • Local tax rates are posted.[5]
  • Taxes can be paid online.[6]
  • Budgets and archives are posted.[7]
  • Annual financial reports and archives are posted.[8]
  • Zoning information is posted.[9]
  • Building permit information and forms are posted.[10]
  • Bid and contract information are posted.[11]

The bad

Elected officials

County council

2011 County Council[2]
Name District
Kevin M.Howell 1st
Thomas A. Harris 2nd
Darren E. Vogt 3rd
Larry L. Brown 4th
Robert A. Armstrong At-large
Roy A. Buskirk At-large
Paul G. Moss At-large

County commission

Allen County's Board of Commissioners is the legislative body of the county government. The three commissioners are elected at-large by the county, and the current commissioners are Nelson Peters, Linda K. Bloom, and Therese Brown.[3]



2011 General Fund Revenues[12]
Source Revenue
DLGF Property Taxes $51,195,944
ARC and Mental Health Property Taxes $2,653,738
Miscellaneous $33,208,800
Rainy Day Funding $4,504,619
Total $91,563,101


2011 Operating Budget Distribution[12]
Area Expenditures
Financial, Real Estate, Taxes $5,305,652
Law Enforcement & Judicial $60,773,826
General Services $6,597,688
Operations, Commissioners, etc $18,885,935
Total 91,563,101

Post-employment benefits

Allen County's Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEBs) are underfunded by $12,299,260.[13]



Main article:Indiana government sector lobbying

The Allen County Board of Commissioners has reported $220,000 spent lobbying since 2003.

Reported lobbying expenditures, 2003-2009[14]
Year Amount spent on lobbying
2009 $10,000
2008 $70,000
2007 -
2006 $20,000
2005 $40,000
2004 $40,000
2003 $40,000

Indiana Transparency Portal

The Indiana State Auditor has launched an Indiana Transparency Portal (ITP), containing budget and financial information for local governments. The interactive report-builder page offers a range of information. Users can find financial data for a county, municipality or other unit of government.[15]


The ITP currently has data only for 2012. Because Allen County has not posted its 2012 budget online, it is not possible to compare the two. According to the ITP, Allen's 2012 budgeted expenditures are $139,363,218 and its revenues are $148,142,152.[15]

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