American Majority Action

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American Majority Action
Founded 2010
501(c)(4) Nonprofit political organization
Ned Ryun, President
Political partyConservative

American Majority Action is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, national political action organization that works to equip and mobilize conservative grassroots activists. American Majority Action is dedicated to engaging citizens in the political process by mobilizing them in support of candidates who favor limited government, individual freedom and protecting the free market. According to their website, "AMA is founded on the belief that citizen engagement at the local, state and Federal levels will foster needed systemic change to preserve the American dream."[1]

American Majority Action is loosely affiliated with American Majority, a nonprofit political training organization that identifies and trains grassroots candidates and activists for local and state campaigns.

American Majority Action is headquartered in Purcellville, Virginia and is led by its founder and president, Ned Ryun.

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