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American West Briefing Tour: Day 1 begins with travel bumps, ends with welcome dinner

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September 20, 2011

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By Al Ortiz

Ballopedia Travel Journal

SAN FRANCISCO, California: The 2011 Briefing Tour of Modern Direct Democracy in the American West hasn't yet officially started, but a welcome from sponsors is set to begin at 5:30 p.m. PST. Unfortunately though, air travel and getting to the hotel from the airport was more than a chore.

After battling delayed flights (with a small touch of aviophobia) and prolonged shuttle rides, where in one instance the driver forgot that anyone was even in the shuttle, one could start off the trip in a bitter state state of mind. But with one look at the upcoming week-long itinerary on this extensive look into direct democracy, those feelings quickly disappear.

Following the welcome at the hotel, tour sponsors will follow with a dinner at 7 p.m. for participants. This short start to what promises to be an informative and intriguing trip will conclude after the meal, and will pick back up tomorrow morning with a historic walk through San Francisco highlighting the 1906 earthquake that lead to the establishment of the initiative and referendum process in California.

According to the sponsors, this walk will give a "good starting point to the upcoming debates about the options and limits of modern direct democracy in the American West."

  • Current City: San Francisco

What else to look for tomorrow

  • St. Francis Yacht Club - Workshop on modern technology and the initiative and referendum process.
  • Fort Mason Center - Opening of a new exhibition on Direct Democracy in Switzerland and the American West.
  • Fort Mason Center - Debate organized by Zocalo Public Square and New America Foundation, "How Can We Put the People Back In the Initiative Process?"

Learn more about the tour and its participants here.

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