American West Briefing Tour: Dinner with Mayor Sam Adams

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September 26, 2011

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By Kelly O'Keefe

Ballopedia Travel Journal
PORTLAND, Oregon: Last night we had dinner at Portland's Nel Centro Restaurant [1] with the city's mayor, Sam Adams. Don't worry, I refrained from asking Mayor Adams what it feels like to be the victim of not one, but two attempted recall campaigns.
Portland Mayor Sam Adams

Also joining us for dinner was Jeff Mapes [2], a political reporter for the Oregonian. Mayor Adams asked Jeff if our dinner was on or off the record. No one could make up their mind. But after it was announced that Al is from Texas, Mayor Adams said "welcome to civilization. And that is on the record." Ouch!

We were very happy to be reunited with our friend Julius Anderegg, Swiss Consul General. Julius and one of his staffers, Martin, traveled up to Portland since the Swiss direct democracy exhibit that we saw in San Francisco is now on display at Lewis and Clark College.

Mary Jean Thompson, who serves as an honorary American counsel representing Liechtenstein, was another dinner guest.

We enjoyed Oregon wine with dinner, and of course, the highlight of the evening was when I got to eat blackberry bread pudding with salted caramel ice cream. Well done, Portland, well done.

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