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The Appropriations Committee is a standing committee of the North Carolina House of Representatives.

Per Section 26 of the House Rules, committees of the North Carolina House of Representatives are assigned by the Speaker of the House.[1] Before assigning members of committees and subcommittees, The Speaker shall consult with the Minority to consider members' preferences.[2] The rules do not specify when or how often committees are assigned. The Speaker shall have the right to appoint the chair and vice-chair of each standing committee.[1] Vacancies in a committee or subcommittee may not be filled by the Speaker after April 15 except to fill vacancies caused by resignation, death, removal or the inability to serve.[3]

DocumentIcon.jpg See rules: House Resolution 54


All standing committees, other than the Standing Committees on Appropriations, when favorably reporting any bill or resolution which:

(1) Carries an appropriation from the State; or (2) Requires or will require in the future substantial additional State monies from the General Fund or Highway Fund to implement its provisions shall indicate same in the report, and said bill or resolution shall be referred to the Standing Committees on Appropriations for a further report before being acted upon by the House.[4][5]



Appropriations Committee Members, 2013
Democratic members (31)Republican members (59)
William Brisson, Vice ChairmanNelson Dollar, Senior Chairman
Alma AdamsJustin Burr, Chairman
Nathan BaskervilleBryan Holloway, Chairman
Larry BellLinda Johnson, Chairman
Marcus BrandonMarilyn Avila, Vice Chairman
Carla D. CunninghamHugh Blackwell, Vice Chairman
Beverly EarleJames L. Boles, Jr., Vice Chairman
Jean Farmer-ButterfieldRayne Brown, Vice Chairman
Susan FisherGeorge G. Cleveland, Vice Chairman
Elmer FloydJohn Faircloth, Vice Chairman
Valerie FousheeMark Hollo, Vice Chairman
Rosa GillD. Craig Horn, Vice Chairman
Rick GlazierJulia Howard, Vice Chairman
Ken GoodmanPatricia Hurley, Vice Chairman
Charles GrahamPat McElraft, Vice Chairman
George GrahamChuck McGrady, Vice Chairman
Duane HallJason Saine, Vice Chairman
Larry HallPhil Shepard, Vice Chairman
Pricey HarrisonEdgar V. Starnes, Vice Chairman
Verla InskoJohn A. Torbett, Vice Chairman
Darren JacksonRoger West, Vice Chairman
Marvin LucasDean Arp
Henry M. Michaux, Jr.John Bell
Annie W. MobleyMark Brody
Garland E. PierceBrian Brown
Joe Sam QueenRob Bryan
Bobbie RichardsonDana Bumgardner
Evelyn TerryRick Catlin
Joe TolsonDebra Conrad
W. A. WilkinsNamon Daughtry
Michael WrayJimmy Dixon
Josh Dobson
Jerry Dockham
Jeffrey Elmore
Carl Ford
Jim Fulghum
Mike Hager
Kelly Hastings
Frank Iler
Charles Jeter
Donny Lambeth
James H. Langdon, Jr.
Chris Malone
Susan Martin
Allen McNeill
Chris Millis
Tom Murry
Larry G. Pittman
Michele D. Presnell
Nathan Ramsey
Dennis Riddell
Stephen M. Ross
Ruth Samuelson
Michael Speciale
Paul Stam
Bob Steinburg
Sarah Stevens
John Szoka
Chris Whitmire


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