Arizona "Victimless Crime Act" Initiative (2012)

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The Arizona Victimless Crime Act, did not make the November 6, 2012 ballot in the state of Arizona as an initiated state statute. This measure would have added an element of extrinsic harm to every crime and prevented legislators from criminalizing behavior that only did harm to one's self. The measure would have mandated that individuals could have only been prosecuted for crimes that had definite victims, such as, other individuals, property, or animals. The proposal was introduced by the group called, Fox Petitions Supporting Victimless Crime Act, as shown on the Arizona Secretary of State's website.[1]

Path to the ballot

Since the measure was categorized as an initiated state statute, supporters must have collected 172,809 signatures by the July 5, 2012 petition drive deadline in order for the proposal to have been placed on the ballot.

According to reports, the measure did not file signatures by the deadline.[2]

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