Arizona 1912 ballot measures

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Thirteen statewide ballot questions were on the November 5, 1912 ballot in Arizona.

On the ballot

November 5

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Questions 101 and 102 Recall Provides the right to recall officials in elective offices Approveda
LRCA Questions 103 and 105 Business Allows the state and municipalities to engage in industrial pursuits Approveda
LRCA Questions 105 and 106 Taxes Allows the method and mode of accessing, equalizing, and levying taxes to be set by law Approveda
LRCA Questions 107 and 108 Gov't Finances Sets limits on how much debt counties and school districts can take on Approveda
CICA Questions 300 and 301 Suffrage Provides suffrage and the right to hold public office to women Approveda
VR Questions 302 and 303 Business Creates liens on mines and mining rights for labor and materials used at the mine Approveda
VR Questions 304 and 305 Business Regulates the number of employees allowed on trains and engines Approveda
VR Questions 306 and 307 Business Requires headlights on trains Approveda
VR Questions 308 and 309 Business Sets experience qualifications for train engineers and train conductors Approveda
VR Questions 310 and 311 Business Places limits on the number cars a train can have Approveda
VR Questions 312 and 313 Business Regulates the rates for passengers on trains Approveda
VR Questions 314 and 315 Wages and pay Provides for semi-monthly paydays Approveda
VR Questions 316 and 317 Hunting Regulates the hunting of birds and animals Approveda

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